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Is It Healthy To Go Outside?

Is it healthy to go outside? That’s a question that I saw recently. Is that a concern you have? It isn’t really all that surprising. We constantly hear about the dangers of sun exposure and air pollution. They tell us … Continue reading

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Sleep On a Magnetic Mattress Pad? For Real?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Are you more tired in the morning than when you went to bed? I completely understand you. I used to be the same way. Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad is one … Continue reading

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What Your Body Needs – Activity and Rest

Do you know what your body needs? It needs energy from a variety of sources. I talked about that a couple weeks ago when I started this three-part blog post. Your body also needs plenty of building materials to build … Continue reading

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Why Does My Body Need Energy?

Why does my body need energy, and where does it come from? Usually something comes up during the week between blog posts that gives me an idea of what to write for my next post, but nothing came up in the … Continue reading

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Are Magnets Good for Your Health?

I have written the past two weeks about belief, either belief in a product or, the better choice, belief in yourself. Your belief matters, and whatever you believe in the most is what you should use to support your health. Do … Continue reading

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The Truth About Health Products

What is the truth about health products? Most of them are crutches, and that includes most of the Nikken products that I like too. That is because your state of health comes mostly from your beliefs about your health. Dr. Bruce Lipton … Continue reading

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How Important Is It to Get Enough Sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aged 18 to 64 years old get seven to nine hours every night while adults 65 and over need seven to eight hours at night. School-aged kids from 6 to 13 years old need … Continue reading

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Can Magnets Help You Sleep?

I get a lot of questions about using magnets to help your body. In this post I want to answer some of the questions that I receive about using magnets to help you sleep. There are several companies that sell … Continue reading

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Why Do People Use Nikken Magnets?

Nikken’s core technology is magnetics. Magnets are what Nikken started with back 37 or so years ago, and they are still what makes Nikken stand out from the crowd of companies selling energy-based wellness products. Why do people use Nikken … Continue reading

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Magnetic Sleep System – I Use the Products Part 1

Anytime you buy a product from someone you always wonder if they actually use the product themselves. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I do use the products myself. I decided to write this series of posts to talk … Continue reading

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