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The Kenko PowerChip was designed to reach discomfort that lies deeper than the other Nikken magnets can reach. Their strength ranges from 900 to 1,000 gauss, so it is one of the strongest stand-alone magnets that Nikken offers.

I used a simple magnetic field sensor to see how far the Nikken Kenko PowerChip magnet could reach. It is about twice as far as their predecessor, the Kenko Mini. Nikken did this by placing several magnets in opposition to each other inside the PowerChip.

What’s Special About the Nikken Power Chip

A spinning magnet throws the magnetic field much farther than a stationary magnet. The MagDuo is a great example. Nikken took that one step farther with the Biaxial magnets, which spun a magnet on two axes to create a large sphere of dynamically changing magnetic fields. This turned out to be very effective.

The Biaxial magnets required a power source, either batteries or a wall outlet, though. So, They weren’t easy to incorporate into a pad or patch that you can stay active with.

Next came the RAM disk that used to be part of the Naturest mattress toppers and pillow and the new SpyderRAM magnet arrangement in the travel pillow. They were the first attempt to create the effect of the dynamic Biaxial magnetic field in a static magnetic disk.

DynaFlux Magnetic Technology

DynaFlux Magnetic Field

Now Nikken has come up with something new again and calls it DynaFlux Magnetic Technology. Like the RAM disks, it uses multiple magnets. This time opposite poles face each other to create a stronger magnetic field that extends farther from the surface of the magnet.

The Nikken Power Chip was the first magnet to feature this new DynaFlux magnetic technology. Nikken uses it in most of the other magnets now too, like the MagFlex, magnetic insoles, MagDuo, PowerMinis, the Naturest DynaFlux mattress toppers and the Naturest Custom Pillow.

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