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Kenko MagFlex magnetic card for your lower back.

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The original Nikken magnetic patches were around for a long time and were a proven effective product. The new magnetic patches introduced in the past several years are even more effective. The original Nikken back magnet, the Kenko Flex, was very popular with the people who have used it day in and day out for many years and I believe they will be even happier with the new Kenko MagFlex.

Why Magnetic Patches?

There are many theories about what makes magnets work and what conditions in the body can be affected by them. They have been used for centuries in various cultures around the world on a multitude of conditions. At the most basic level, we live on a magnetic planet and depend on its magnetic energy to support us.

Nikken’s magnetic patches allow you to focus magnetic energy where ever you feel that you need it most. The Kenko PowerMini is fairly inexpensive and is a great entry point to experience the benefits of using magnets to support your well-being.

About the Kenko MagFlex

The Kenko MagFlex is great for the lower back. Actually, people refer to it as the Nikken back flex magnet. What seems to work for most people is to insert the wider end of it behind your belt or waistband. There is also a new KenkoTherm back belt that has a pocket for the Nikken flex magnet to hold it in place.

For anyone looking for the Kenko Mini or Kenko Super Mini, they have been discontinued and replaced with the Kenko PowerChip. It is the same size as the older magnets and its magnetic field penetrates much deeper for more effectiveness.

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