Cleanse and Detoxify Your Liver

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Kenzen Cleanse & Detox

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Nikken designed Kenzen Cleanse & Detox to support the major liver functions. It is a blend of 100% organic ingredients that also help you with your weight management.

Those organic ingredients include:

  • roasted chicory root
  • milk thistle extract
  • turmeric extract
  • bupleurum extract
  • Schisandra extract
  • Ashwaghanda (“Sensoril”)

What are the Functions of the Liver?

Your liver provides many important services for your body that are vital to keep you healthy. The liver is so important that it is one of the few organs that regenerates when a portion of it is lost. What are the functions of you liver?

  • Regulates the amount of sugar, protein and fat in the blood.
  • Removes toxins from the blood.
  • Processes most of the nutrients absorbed from the intestines.
  • Stores some of those nutrients for later use.
  • Produces cholesterol and some proteins.
  • Produces chemicals that help the blood to clot.
  • Breaks down alcohol and many drugs.

As you can see, the liver is a vitally important organ for your survival, so it is important that you take good care of it.

Get Liver Support from Kenzen Cleanse & Detox?

As I said before, the Nikken liver support supplement, Kenzen Cleanse & Detox, is made from a blend of 100% organic roasted chicory root, milk thistle extract and turmeric extract. Kenzen Cleanse & Detox does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, stabilizers or solvents.

Nikken recommends that you take 3 capsules daily, 1 about twenty minutes before each meal.

The bottle contains 90 capsules, enough for 30 days.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I am an independent Nikken distributor, so I may earn a commission if you order through the links on this website. Nikken products are only available through independent distributors like me.

2 Responses to Cleanse and Detoxify Your Liver

  1. Cameron McGill says:

    I have a 11 year old Labrador Ret. and not sure if safe for him to take as a Dog. He has high liver Enzymes that continue to climb found in 2 blood draws over the last 3 months. He shows no effects of the problems physically but the Vet wants to do a Ultrasound very soon to see what is going on. Please reply as soon as possible ! I am a X Silver and know how good Nikken Products are !

    • I don’t know if it is safe for you dog or not. Your vet should be able to tell you. These are the ingredients: roasted chicory root, milk thistle extract, tumeric extract, bupleurum extract, schisandra extract and sensoril. The capsules are made of pullulan.

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