Nikken PiMag Water Filters

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Why do you Need a Nikken Water Filter?

Nikken PiMag Water Filters

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You’re here so I’m guessing you already know why you need a water filter for your drinking water.

  • chlorine and other chemicals in your drinking water
  • pollution and other contaminants in the water
  • tap water tastes and smells terrible
  • bottled water is expensive and no better than tap water

I don’t need to go into it any deeper than that.

So, why do you need a Nikken PiMag Water Filter?

The Nikken water filters meet various NSF standards for cleaning your drinking water. You will get clean water that is much safer to drink than what you get directly out of your tap.

What sets a Nikken water filter apart from the rest is that they also alkalize and ionize your water.

Note: All items ship new from Nikken in California for US orders or from Nikken’s warehouse on Ontario for Canadian orders.

What’s the Deal with Alkaline Water?

You’ve heard a lot of talk about alkaline water, especially if you have been looking into a Nikken water filter.

Even under ideal conditions we have a lot of acidity in our bodies. The waste products from metabolizing our food, even if you eat an alkaline diet of veggies, are acids and toxins that need to be neutralized and eliminated. Drinking alkaline water helps the body deal with that. The alkaline water can get to the cells in our body, remove the toxins, help to restore an alkaline environment in the cell, and reduce the acidic load in the waste as it is transported away for elimination.

That’s under ideal conditions. How many people do you know eat a completely alkaline diet?

That’s Why I Use a Nikken Water Filter

If you eat just about anything other than vegetables, you are adding extra acidity to you diet. I eat a little bit of chicken a couple times a week and the occasional cookie or ice cream. I drink alkaline water from my Nikken water filter to compensate for that.

Actually, alkaline water is just about all I drink. If you drink alkaline water exclusively, no sodas, for 30 days I bet you will not be able to go back to drinking sodas. There is no better diet drink than alkaline water.

Ionized Water

Ionized water is still a little bit new to me. At the time I’m writing this, Nikken’s ionizing technology has been available for less than a year. According to the AlkaViva website, these are the benefits of ionized water.

  • Ionized water is nature’s antioxidant. Ionized water can neutralize free radicals, which is what antioxidants do.
  • Ionization improves the alkalinity of the water.
  • Ionized water is more hydrating than conventional tap water.
  • Ionized water improves the taste and quality of food because it hydrates and reduces acidity.

Water ionizers can be very expensive. They can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall and PiMag Sport Bottle are very inexpensive when compared to the other systems.

The PiMag Waterfall is a gravity water filter and does not require electricity. Just pour water in the top and gravity pulls it through the water filter and your clean water waits for you in the bottom.

The PiMag Sport Bottle is a filtered water bottle. Fill the bottle to the fill line and replace the lid. The filter cartridge is screwed in under the lid, so the bottle is a little top-heavy. The water gets filtered as you squeeze the bottle to drink.

We want all of the water we come into contact with to be clean. The Nikken Shower Filter will clean the water that we use to clean ourselves.

The PiMag water filters all have replacement components that need to be changed periodically. Make sure to take good care of your PiMag water filtration systems and they will take good care of you.

Whole House Water Filtration vs Point of Use

Most people seem to think that a whole-house water filtration system is a more ideal solution. I disagree and this is why. First, do you know what is in your pipes? They were probably glued or soldered together with toxic chemicals. You don’t know how long your water is going to sit in those pipes before you get around to using it. Second, why go to the expense to filter the water that you use to wash your clothes or to flush your toilet. Instead of wasting all of that water filtration just to flush it, I recommend only point-of-use systems like the Nikken water filter to clean your water as you need it so that you know it is the best it can be at the time that you use it.


I am an independent Nikken wellness consultant an may earn a commission if you order through the link on this page. I have used a Nikken water filter since I start in April of 2006. The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of these incredible products or those of my customers who are using the products. Also, none of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions.

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