Product History

Nikken regularly adds items as new technologies are developed and to meet requests for new items. The rest of the pages of this website list the products that are currently available. The main Nikken Products page lists the newest items with links to the specific pages.

Nikken also sometimes has to discontinue items as they become obsolete. It’s always sad to see a favorite item go, but most of the time there is a new item that is much more effective and wellness-friendly to replace it.

The Product History pages list the items that I know of that have been discontinued in the past. Nikken has been around for many years, so it was interesting to see how things have changed as I cataloged the items on these pages.

  • Magnetic Items – jewelry, original Magboy and the original magnetic patches
  • Water Filters – the Aqua Pour and Aqua Pour Deluxe among others
  • Sleep – discontinued magnetic mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows
  • Nutritional Supplements – discontinued nutritional supplements and shake mixes
  • Air – discontinued air filters
  • Wraps & Clothing – discontinued wraps and clothing
  • Skincare – ThalassoKea and Swiss Soflower
  • Miscellaneous – Solitens, cookware and the original Kenkolight

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