Nikken Massage Roller and Massage Balls

Alert: Nikken launched a new website on Feb. 22. If you have ordered from Nikken before (you have an account) please click this link to see what you need to do differently to place your first order (only your first order) on the new site.

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The Magboy has upgraded magnets and is now the Kenko MagDuo

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Buy The Magboy has upgraded magnets and is now the Kenko MagDuo

I am a massage therapist, so one of the things that originally attracted me to Nikken was the magnetic massage tools – the MagDuo and the Mag Creator.

The MagDuo, formerly the Nikken Magboy, is a great tool for getting magnetic energy into areas like the shoulders, neck, and pec muscles. I sometimes take one of the magnetic balls out and use it to work on the palm of a client’s hand (or my own) or the bottom of their feet.

The Mag Creator, or Nikken massage roller, is a magnetic massage roller perfect for working on the back. It has a notch out of the center so that it rolls comfortably over the spine and gets magnetic energy into the spinal cord, the small and overworked erector muscles, as well as the governing meridian and bladder meridians.

What’s New with the Nikken Magnetic Massage

The KenkoTouch offers relief and relaxation through physical and magnetic stimulation

November 2016 People have been waiting for the replacement for the Biaxial magnetic devices. This is it. The KenkoTouch is a magnetic massager using the newer DynaFlux magnets.

Nikken MagCreator and Kenko MagDuo

When I used to go to wellness fairs people would eagerly line up for a short magnetic rollout with the Nikken MagCreator. It also turns out that the MagDuo and Mag Creator work just as well with animals. I have heard many stories about people using these magnetic massage tools on horses with amazing success. By the way, animals are not subject to the placebo effect like we humans are, so magnets cannot be just a placebo.

The Emotion Code

Release Trapped Emotions with MagDuo or MagCreator

More recently I learned about The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and how he uses the MagDuo and the MagCreator to release trapped emotions. I am learning the technique from the book and some videos on YouTube. Dr. Nelson also teaches a seminar on how to do it.

The basic idea is that emotions can get trapped in the body and continue to cause problems for us until they are removed. Dr. Nelson discovered that he could release these trapped emotions through muscle testing and a magnet. He likes the Nikken MagDuo and MagCreator because their spinning motion creates a bigger, more powerful magnetic field.

11 Responses to Nikken Massage Roller and Massage Balls

  1. Hi……I’ve owned a couple of sets of magboys for many years now and thoroughly recommend them. I know of quite a few people here in Australia who would like to purchase them. Would it be possible to order a bulk amount to be shipped to me and distributed to the other people?

    Many thanks,

    • Wayne says:

      I wish I could help you. Nikken pulled out of Australia several years ago, so the products aren’t available there anymore. Distributors can only sell in their local market, which for me is the US and Canada.

  2. Paul says:

    I just bought a “Magcreator”…. and on the box it says we need to get training to use it… where does one get the training,,??

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul. There isn’t any training required. The MagCreator was originally a demo tool for distributors to promote the magnetic mattress topper. In that capacity there was a specific routine that Nikken wanted us to learn. If you are curious, I found the video on YouTube. It is highly promotional, so consider yourself warned 😉
      For “normal” people, just use to provide the magnetic massage that you would like to receive. Vary the speed and the pressure that you use and you will do fine.

  3. Paulette Simpson says:

    Where can I purchase a set of Magboy magnets in Australia?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paulette. Nikken closed their business in Australia last year so, at least for now, none of the Nikken products are available in Australia. The best suggestion I can offer is if you know someone who lives in a country where Nikken does operate (US, Canada, most of Europe, some of Central and South America), you can ask them to order the MagDuo (current Magboy) for you and send it to you once they receive it. I’m in the US and can handle orders for anywhere in the US and Canada.

  4. Mindy says:

    I am interested in becoming a Nikken distributor. I have had a couple of the products for about 25 years.

    • Ben says:

      Thank you for your interest Mindy. I have emailed you separately to talk about what you want to accomplish with your distributorship and to help you get started.

  5. Massage tool deep pressure says:

    The benefits of magnetic therapy are immense and they can be deployed in several ailments which cause acute pain of the bodily organs. It shows best results in case of chronic pain and it can be taken as alternative treatment for any ailment caused due to trauma, accident or any kind of physical agony. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nicole Wright says:

      Agree with you. Magnetic therapy also works really well for back pain which is a very common problem among middle aged and aged people. People run after so many expensive treatments but fail to realize the power of magnet.

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