What to Do When You Are Cold at Night

What to do when you are cold at night (in the summer)The weather has been absolutely crazy this summer. The nights in my part of Georgia have been down in the 50s and 60s. So you need to know what to do when you are cold.

I live near the mountains in northern Georgia, not far from the Appalachian Trail. Normally our temperatures this time of year are in the mid to upper 90s and we stay inside where it’s cooler.

It hasn’t been that way this summer. I think we’ve only had 2 or 3 days break 90 degrees, and just barely.

I know it hasn’t been this way for other parts of the country. I’ve heard a bit about the heat in Portland, Oregon for example, where many people don’t have air conditioners.

Getting Outdoors

Cooler temperatures during the day is great. Instead of hiding indoors with the AC I’ve gone hiking with my family. Like I said, we’re not far from the Appalachian Trail, so we have plenty of places to go.

Actually, I found the spot where I took the header picture for this website. The best we can figure, we took that picture 7 years ago. Here’s what it looks like now vs. before.
My original image from 7 years ago compared to the same place 2 days ago.If you’re curious, it is on the right-hand side of the Appalachian Trail about 10 minutes south of Woody Gap, heading toward Gooch Gap.

What to Do When You Are Cold

I could go on forever about all the benefits of our cooler daytime temperatures, but this post is about what to do when you are cold, especially at night. Even in the summer.

With nice temperatures during the day come cold temperatures at night.
Normally during the summer I wear the lightest clothing possible when I sleep, put the blankets away, and turn on the fan.

Lately it is back out with our “special” blankets and away with the fans. Like I said, crazy weather.

My “Special” Blanket

In my house we use blankets that store up energy in special ceramic fibers then reflect it back out so that it helps us to stay the perfect temperature all night – not too hot and not too cold.

And to answer what you’re thinking, no they are not some 1970’s version of futuristic aluminum foil looking blankets.

They are actually very nice looking white comforters, which is also the biggest challenge to them. They are white and are dry clean only. That’s the only thing I don’t like about them.

Also in a Sleeping Bag

I almost forgot that the same ceramic threads are also in a sleeping bag, which is even better. We were talking about hiking after all.

These are what to do when you are cold at night out on the trail.

There are plenty of campsites on the Appalachian Trail. Actually, there is a good spot with a fire circle all set for you just a little bit beyond where I took the pictures above.

Even Better During the Winter

I don’t expect this unusually cool weather to last very long. After all, this is summer and it should be hot and dry now, though the weather forecast doesn’t show that coming yet.

The real benefit from these blankets comes during the winter months when it’s really cold. Even though our blanket is a lightweight blanket it keeps us warm all winter long. There is also a heavier one for those who live farther north.

For now though, I’m glad that we didn’t put it into storage or anything so that we have it for these cool nights.

What’s Your Weather Like?

I’m going to keep this post short because it’s far too nice outside (during the daytime) to be stuck in front of a computer.

I’m curious though. What has your weather been like lately? Unusually cool like ours our unusually warm like the northwest?

Let me know in a comment below and please take a moment to share this with your followers on social media.

Disclosure: I don’t just use this “special” blanket. I’m also a distributor. So I may earn a commission if you order one through the link above. Check it out. It’s really a nice blanket.

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6 Responses to What to Do When You Are Cold at Night

  1. Lydia Jensen says:

    I love sleeping in the cold. It helps me sleep better than if it is hot and stuffy. We do a lot of camping and it is great to know there is a sleeping bag that will keep us warm enough while doing so. It can get pretty cold in Washington state at night outside!

    • Wayne says:

      I can only imagine. I’ve spent one night in a tent in the snow once and that was enough for me. A warm sleeping bag means everything at those times. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Sarah Meh says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Thanks for letting us know about your special blanket. Good to know that it comes with a sleeping bag so it’s also suitable for hiking. I am glad to share your post on facebook so if anyone wants to buy it, they can.

  3. Hey Wayne! Tt has been an unusually cool summer here in the north-woods of Wisconsin! I am about ready to head out on a camping trip for a week and do indeed have my special warm blanket as well as lots of warm clothes along for the chilly evenings ahead..
    Great Share!
    Chery :))

    • I’ve loved it. We’ve gone on day hikes 4 times in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Yesterday, about 11AM in Georgia, my son told me his ears were cold. That isn’t something you hear here very often, if ever, this time of year.
      Thanks for stopping by Chery.

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