Magnet Product History

Discontinued Magnetic Items

‘Pearl’ Magnetic Necklace and Earrings

    Gold, White Gold and Platinum Magnetic Necklaces

      The current replacement for these magnetic necklaces is the Perfect Link II stainless steel magnetic necklace.

      Original Magnetic Bracelets

        Nikken has new magnetic bracelets. The new Men’s Classic bracelet is identical to the second one pictured above.

        Magnetic Sport Bands

          Nikken has discontinued all of the PowerBand colors except black. See the Kenko PowerBand here.

          Bella Passione Magnetic Jewelry Collection

            See the Perfect Link II magnetic necklaces.

            Classic Collection – magnetic necklaces and bracelets

              Check out the Perfect Link II chain necklace or one of the PowerBand sports bands. They are all available on the magnetic jewelry page. Nikken also has new magnetic bracelets here.

              Rosebud Earrings – magnetic earrings

                Nikken followed up these earrings with the earrings in the Milana collection, but they are gone now too. I will update this the next time that Nikken introduces another pair of magnetic earrings.

                Milana and Marquesa Collections – magnetic necklaces, bracelets and earrings

                  The Milana collection consisted of two magnetic necklaces, one on a chain and the other on a cord, and a pair of magnetic earrings. All of the pieces featured a Czech crystal. The Perfect Link II magnetic necklaces are the best replacement.
                  The Marquesa collection featured a magnetic necklace and magnetic bracelet. The Perfect Link II is the best current option for a nice magnetic necklace and you can see all of the current magnetic bracelets as well.

                  Cross-link Bracelets

                    Check out the available magnetic bracelets here.

                    Magnetic Watch

                      The Ambassador watch has been replaced with the Kalkei magnetic watches. There are both men’s and women’s versions.

                      Magnetic Belts

                        Magnetic Insoles

                          The current selection of insoles are on the Magnetic Insoles page.


                            The original Magboy and limited edition gold Magboy have been discontinued and replaced with the new MagDuo with DynaFlux magnetic technology.

                            Biaxial Magnets

                              The age of biaxial magnets appears to have passed. The replacement for the Biaxial PowerMag has finally arrived in the form of the new KenkoTouch.

                              Magnetic Patches

                                The best replacements for most of the magnetic pads are the Kenko PowerChips. The replacement for the Kenko Flex is the Kenko MagFlex. The Kenko PowerPatches have been replaced with the new Kenko PowerMini magnets.

                                Elastomag Magnetic Support Wraps


                                    The original KenkoSeat has been discontinued and replaced with the KenkoSeat II.

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                                    1. joe spizzirri says:

                                      Need to know the price on the magnetic neck wrap and the shoulder magnetic wrap
                                      Thank you

                                      • Hi Joe. The magnetic wraps were all discontinued in October last year and sold out by the end of the year. I am hoping that Nikken will announce new magnetic wraps in the next month or so and I will add your email address to my list of people to notify if and when that happens.

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