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Hi! Welcome to my website and my “about me” page.

We have been Nikken distributors since April 2006 and were introduced to Nikken soon after I graduated from massage school. “Wellness” wasn’t a topic that I was interested in before going to massage school. For that matter, it wasn’t even a topic that I knew existed.

While in massage school I became very interested in wellness and learned all that I could in addition to doing massage. That continues to this day. One book that I was introduced to while in massage school was Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. While I don’t recommend the book (very difficult to read) I did see one thing that piqued my interest. Trudeau recommended that everyone should be sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad. I was curious. My wife worked with another massage therapist who did energy work, so I asked him what he knew about magnets.

He invited us to a “Wellness Home Preview”, Nikken’s version of a Tupperware Party and an introduction to Nikken’s products (amazing) and the business opportunity. I loved the products immediately and the business made a lot of sense to me. As a massage therapist offering a service, it makes a lot of sense to have a product line that matches up so well. Chiropractors usually have some form of product that complements the service they offer. Massage therapists don’t seem to have figured this out yet.

To find out more about working with me, leave me a comment below, email me at info@yonderwillow.com or visit my Nikken business website.

More About Wayne

Don’t worry, there is more to me than Nikken.
I am married and I have small kids. They are my primary motivation for doing what I do. Working from home has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my family than what most dads get, and it has been very satisfying. I enjoy being able to homeschool them every day and be more involved in what they are doing.

I enjoy hiking and have the good fortune to live near the Appalachian Trail. Through the Spring and Fall we try to get out regularly to do some hiking as a family. For all that Nikken does to bring the benefits of the outdoors inside, there is still no substitute for the real thing – getting outside, breathing clean air, grounding by touching the trees, and absorbing natural sunlight and the Earth’s magnetic field. There’s nothing like it.

Again, thank you for visiting my website and taking a look around. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. My contact info is at the top of this page.

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  1. Marcia Lowry says:

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing magnets for use with the emotion code. The Nikken magboy seems to be the recommended product. However, after scanning reviews for this product a fair number of people are reporting that it has dropped in quality. Apparently the balls have diminished considerably in size and strength of the magnet as well as quality and durability of the product. Some are reporting that the magnets are no longer strong enough to do the same job. Can you advise on whether there are multiple distributers and it is possible to still obtain the original high quality magnets? or has this company succumbed like so many to cheap asian replicas that do not resemble the original intent for the product? I am seeking to make an investment in something that is going to be effective for the task. Any perspective on these issues with your experience is appreciated

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Marcia. Dr. Bradley Nelson, who created the Emotion Code, used to be a Nikken distributor and recommended the Nikken magnets for the work at the time. The easiest to use was the Magboy, which is now the MagDuo, and should be at least as effective as the Magboy was if not more so. The magnets in the MagDuo are designed in such a way that they penetrate deeper than the Magboy used to. It has been a long time since I read the book, but I think he said in it that even a refrigerator magnet would work. The Magboy, or MagDuo now, is only better because it provides some physical stimulation when you roll it over your head so that you feel something. I hope that helps and good luck in your work with the Emotion Code.

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