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This page contains answers to a lot of the questions that you may have about the Nikken magnetic insoles – the Magsteps, mSteps and mStrides. If you have a question that I do not answer here, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page and I will answer you directly and add it to this list.

Disclaimer: I am an independent distributor and I do not speak for Nikken. These are my answers to the questions based on my everyday use of the Nikken magnetic insoles. I have used the Magsteps for several years and now I use the mSteps. These answers are not “official” in any way.

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Magnetic Insoles Questions – Magsteps, mSteps & mStrides

Magnetic Insoles Answers

How much do the Nikken magnetic insoles cost? Where can I order?

To find the price of or order any item on this website, just click on the picture of the item you are interested in. The Nikken page for that product will open and display the price, product description, and links to any documents that Nikken has on that product – flyers, brochures and manuals as appropriate.

If you are on a top-level page on this website (water, sleep, magnets, etc.), clicking the picture will take you to a product specific page here first. Click on the picture of the item on the new page and you will get the Nikken page in a new tab.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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What are Nikken Magsteps? What is the difference between the types?

The Nikken Kenko Magsteps, mSteps and mStrides are magnetic insoles. They go in your shoes and provide supportive magnetic energy to the bottoms of your feet as you go about your day. The magnetic energy helps to keep your feet relaxed and comfortable.

The Magsteps are an improved version of Nikken’s original magnetic insole that launched the company back in 1975. They have bumps on the top that physically stimulate your feet while the magnets energetically stimulate them. The other side is smooth in case you find the bumps too uncomfortable.

The mSteps are a newer version of the Magsteps with magnetic technology that creates a larger magnetic field that can stimulate your feet much deeper than the Magsteps can. The bumps are also a lot smaller because the insoles are not reversible like the Magsteps are.

The mStrides are a thicker version of the mSteps that provides a little more cushion for additional comfort. They replaced the Magstrides which were the thicker, bump-free version of the Magsteps.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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What is the gauss of Magsteps?

The magnets in the Magsteps are 450 gauss.

The mSteps and mStrides use an enhanced magnet technology that allows the magnets to move when you move. At rest the magnetic strength is 800 gauss and reach 1000 gauss when you are active (walking, running, etc).

The gauss strength isn’t the only factor to consider when talking about magnetic insoles. The number of magnets or density of magnetic nodes is also important. If the insoles only have a few magnets around the outside edge of the insole then all of the magnetic energy is flowing around the outside edge and not affecting your feet. Nikken insoles have many magnets covering the entire surface of the insoles, so the magnetic energy is available to your feet.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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Do magnetic insoles help heel spurs?

The mStrides, being thicker than the Magsteps or mSteps, may provide a small amount of cushion for heel spurs. As for actually healing them, that would be a medical claim and the magnetic insoles are not medical devices so I cannot say that. They do affect the blood and energy flow through your feet which can affect other changes in your feet.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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How can I clean my magnetic insoles?

If you need to clean your magnetic insoles only use a damp cloth. The mSteps and mStrides will handle water better than the Magsteps but you want to make sure that the magnets have a chance to dry.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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Which way do the magnetic insoles go, bumps up or down?

For the Magsteps, ideally the bumps go up. If you find that too uncomfortable you can flip them over so that the smooth side is up. After a few months try the bumps again. You may be pleasantly surprised that you can handle them. I was.

For the mSteps and mStrides, the side that says Nikken goes up toward your feet. My mSteps also say “This side down” on the bottom of them.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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What are the benefits of Magsteps? How do they work? What do they do for you?

Magnetic insoles “work” by inserting them in your shoes and then putting your shoes on. The magnets create a magnetic field that stimulates the energy flowing through your feet. mSteps and mStrides are even more effective because as you walk on them the magnetic nodes move a little bit creating a constantly changing magnetic field that can stimulate even more of the energy channels in your feet.

The magnetic energy on your feet helps them to stay relaxed and energized throughout the day, especially for people who are on their feet all day, so that your feet aren’t so tired at the end of the day. When you’re feet feel better, you feel better.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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What types of shoes can I wear with Magsteps?

The magnetic insoles typically work best in closed-toe shoes though there are many people who like them so much that they make them work in whatever shoes they wear. The mSteps and mStrides will not work in flip-flops or any shoe that has a post that goes between your shoes because you cannot cut the magnets on these insoles. I have heard of people who have cut the Magsteps to work with flip-flops.

The mStrides are thicker than the others so they require more room. They may not fit well in a dress shoe because these shoes usually have less extra room and don’t give as much as a softer shoe, like a tennis shoe or sneaker. The mSteps and Magsteps should work great in dress shoes.

The Nikken magnetic insoles

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4 Responses to Magnetic Insoles FAQ

  1. Joan McInnis says:

    My new mSteps just arrived. They do not attract each other AT ALL. This is not my first Nikken product. All the previous ones had magnetic attractction to each other. If they are defective, I do not want to put them in my shoes.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Joan. The magnetic nodes in the mSteps are not strong enough to overcome the weight of the insole, so you probably won’t feel the pull when you hold the two insoles together. I just played with a couple of the insole magnets that I have. They do stick together and they will stick to the fridge, but not strongly enough that I can feel the pull. Your insoles are probably good. You could try to pop out a couple of the nodes to prove to yourself that they are good, but I don’t recommend it. They are held in pretty well and you don’t want to damage the plastic that holds the nodes in your insoles.

  2. MariVic says:

    I used my pair of MagSteps for over 10 years. They were amazing. They finally shredded away. So I purchased the new improved mSteps. They arrived and they didn’t even feel like magnets. With the MagSteps they would cling to each other if placed together. Only 3 months in and the plastic circles were cracking and 1 months later they were falling out. I am so disappointed in Nikken. What can I do?? I want my MagSteps with more gauss. I want Nikken to be held accountable for not disclosing that this could or would happen.
    🙁 they want me to pay more to replace those circle things.

    • The magnets shouldn’t be breaking out that quickly. The insoles have a 1 year warranty, so call Nikken and they will replace them.
      As for the gauss strength of the magnets in the insoles, they are nearly double the strength of what was in the old magSteps and magStrides. The difference is that the mSteps have individual magnets embedded in the insole while with the old insoles the material itself was magnetic.

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