Sleep Product History

Discontinued Sleep Items

Magnetic Mattresses

Magnetic Mattress Pads

These magnetic mattress toppers have been replaced with the Kenko Naturest magnetic mattress topper made with natural latex.


These comforters were replaced several years ago with the Kenko Dream and Dream Light comforters with magnets.

Kenko Dream Personal Comfort Pad

Magnetic Pillows

The current Naturest DynaFlux Magnetic Pillow is a redesign of the previous Naturest Custom Pillow with better neck support and better magnetic energy with the DynaFlux magnetic nodes.

Magnetic Travel Pillow

Nikken does not currently offer any magnetic travel pillow. Their regular Naturest magnetic pillow is still available.

Magnetic Sleep Mask

The current magnetic sleep mask makes use of Nikken’s DynaFlux magnetic technology. It is much better than the old one.

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