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The Nikken magnetic necklace is available as a PowerBand neckband, a silver-tone metallic necklace or a gold-tone metallic necklace. Click the pictures below to get more information about any of the Nikken magnetic necklaces.

Nikken Magnetic Necklace

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A magnetic necklace is an easy way to get experience with using Nikken magnets. The very first magnetic item that I used myself was a magnetic necklace, an earlier version of the current Kenko Perfect Link Necklace , that I borrowed from the person who introduced me to Nikken, and I loved it. Now I wear a PowerBand bracelet and necklace.

I have tried some of Nikken’s previous magnetic necklaces and magnetic bracelets. The Powerbands are by far the best for technology and durability. I had small children, babies actually, at the time and the jewelry and old sports bands didn’t hold up well to their pulling. The PowerBands are awesome.

Kenko PowerBands

I really like the PowerBands. They are more durable because they are silicone wrapped in nylon and they are available in a variety of colors. I’m partial to green, so the Nikken green PowerBand is perfect for me.

The PowerBands used to be available in a variety of colors, but most people only want black, so black is all there is now. That’s really for the best. The other colors tended to fade and show a lot of wear. The black ones don’t do that. I have an old one and a new one and I can barely tell them apart.

The Nikken PowerBand Necklace is more than just a magnetic necklace of sports band. It also has special ceramic fibers and tourmaline embedded in the silicone band that help to gently warm and soothe your muscles and tendons. They really are ideal for an active lifestyle.

The clasp on the PowerBands lets you combine more than one together, including the PowerBand wristbands, to make longer PowerBands. For example, I combine a PowerBand necklace with a PowerBand bracelet to make my necklace a little bit bigger and more comfortable for me to wear. Some people combine a few PowerBand necklaces together to create a decorative belt.

Classic Magnetic Necklaces

As I said at the top of this page, a Nikken magnetic necklace was the first magnetic item I ever used on myself, and I am still using one. I’ve already talked about the PowerBands and they are what I promote the strongest. Nikken does still have metal magnetic necklaces.

The Kenko Perfect Link II necklaces are the descendants of the first Nikken magnetic necklace that I used. They are simple stainless steel magnetic necklaces that work great for any occasion.

Will they hurt my computer?

One thing that people often ask me is if the magnets in the Nikken jewelry will harm their laptop computer. I have not had any problems with that in the many years that I have used the product, and I’m usually on my computer all day long. Actually, I am wearing my bracelet right now as I type this on my laptop. The only issue I have is that sometimes my bracelet triggers the magnetic sensor that detects if the screen is closed on my laptop and puts it into sleep mode.

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As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represents my opinion based on my use of the Nikken necklace and PowerBands. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions. With that said, I don’t leave home without my Nikken magnetic necklace (the PowerBand to be more specific).

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  1. Marika says:

    I have Cervical Dystonia and your mini magnets were recommended by my physical therapist. Do your new ones need to be charged or run on a battery? marika

    • Hi Marika. If your doctor recommended the Kenko Mini then you will want the Kenko PowerChip. The PowerChip is the replacement for the Mini and is a better magnet. They are static magnets so they don’t require a charge or any electricity. Just put them where you want them and using some first-aid tape to hold them in place. The Kenko PowerChip is here.

  2. ROBERT ORTH says:


    • On Monday through Friday if your order is placed early enough it will usually ship the same day. Otherwise, it will probably ship the next business day. Beyond that the time depends on the shipping option that you choose.

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