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Nikken Kenko Power Mini

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Have you tried a magnetic patch before and had a hard time getting it to stay where you put it? Nikken has a solution – the self-adhesive magnetic Kenko Power Mini . It is small, but packs a lot of power with its DynaFlux technology, the same magnetic technology in the Kenko PowerChip.

The Nikken Kenko Power Mini is available in packages of 12 magnets with 24 self-adhesives disks in a case to keep them all together. Once the adhesive disks are used up, remove the adhesive disk and replace it with your favorite brand of first-aid tape. The magnet itself will be good forever.

The Kenko Power Mini vs the Nikken Power Patch

The PowerMini magnets replaced the Kenko PowerPatch magnets a few years ago when Nikken developed the DynaFlux technology. People sometimes ask my why the PowerMinis come in sets of 12 while the PowerPatches came in boxes of 30.

The PowerPatch magnets were single magnets and their magnetic field probably penetrated the skin by a few millimeters. The Kenko PowerMini magnets each contain more than one magnet set in opposition to produce a magnetic field that penetrates much deeper. Because they each contain more than one magnet, they are more expensive and Nikken wanted to keep the price about the same. More importantly, each disk is much more powerful, so you shouldn’t need to use as many at one time. Remember too that they are reusable. Only the adhesive disk needs to be replaced between uses.

How to get your own Kenko PowerMini magnets

You can order your PowerMini magnets by clicking on the picture below. That will take you to the page where you can add them to your cart and check out. You will pay Nikken and they will ship to you directly from Nikken.

Remember, they come in packs of 12, so ordering a quantity of 1 will get you 12 reusable PowerMini magnets.

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