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Nikken Kenko Seat Magnetic Chair Pad

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Most of us spend too much time sitting, whether it is to drive long distances to or for work or typing on a computer at a desk. Sitting for long stretches can cause a variety of problems from reduced bloodflow and lack of movement. A Nikken Kenko Seat can help with that.

This Nikken seat cushion is made from the same natural latex as the Naturest mattress topper and includes Nikken’s DynaFlux magnetic nodes to provide even magnetic energy throughout the back and seat. The chair pad is covered in nylon vented for breathability and has two straps to allow you to easily secure it to just about any chair.

The magnets are arranged with 10 magnetic Power Buttons in a diamond pattern in the seat back and 7 of them in the seat bottom.

Benefits of a Magnetic Chair Pad

I used to work a desk job, so I know what it’s like to sit too long – your back gets too warm and your butt can go numb. With my Kenko Seat I stayed comfortable in my chair. The same thing while driving. I used to drive almost 5 hours to visit my in-laws every few months. My Nikken Kenko Seat keeps me comfortable on that trip too.

My co-workers used to look at me funny because every morning when I got to work I would carry my Kenko Seat in from the car then carry it back out every afternoon because I wanted to have it both in my car and at my desk at work. I have another that I keep in my office chair at home. That one didn’t move because my cat used it while I was gone during the day.

How to Get Your Own Nikken Kenko Seat

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