PiMag PiDrogen

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What is Nikken’s PiMag PiDrogen?

PiDrogen hydrogen water generator

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The PiMag PiDrogen is Nikken’s new hydrogen-rich water generator. You fill the bottle with Pi water up to the line, screw on the adapter, then screw on the hydrogen generator, flip it over, plug it in and let it run for 6 minutes.

If you watch it while it is running, the unit has a blue light that flashes as the hydrogen generator warms up then stays on solid. You will see plenty of hydrogen gas bubbles infuse the water while it runs. The blue light goes out when it is done and the water is ready to drink.

Nikken’s official description says that generates a molecular hydrogen concentration of 800 to 1200 parts per billion and the hydrogen-rich water is an antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals to relieve oxidative stress.

WebMD says that preliminary studies show that hydrogen-rich water could improve quality of life during radiation therapy, improve athletic performance through increased energy and reduced inflammation. They are very clear that more research is needed to verify any claims.

The most important thing form WebMD is that it says experts don’t believe there are any risks to drinking hydrogen water.

My Experience with the PiMag PiDrogen System

I bought one to try out for myself. Anything to help me drink more water is a good thing.

The PiDrogen bottle is a 16oz glass bottle, so that’s equivalent to 2 glasses of water. The hydrogen gas does change the taste of the water a little bit, which is good because it lets you that the generator did something other than create a bunch of tiny bubbles.

I haven’t noticed any significant changes from drinking the hydrogen water yet, but I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you if I did because that would constitute a medical claim. I don’t have any issues that I was looking to alleviate with the PiDrogen water anyway.

I have read reviews of other systems available online that complain about the taste of the water and the systems don’t last very long before you have to replace them.

Like I said, the PiDrogen water does taste a little different than when it came out of my Waterfall, but it definitely doesn’t taste bad. And the PiDrogen system should last you 2 to 3 years depending on how you use it and maintain it.


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