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Could your diet be better? Do you eat a lot of fastfood or highly processed foods like those in frozen dinners? Do you currently take whole food nutritional supplements, or any kind of nutritional supplement? The food you eat gives your body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild itself, so you really are what you eat. Processed foods are generally very acidic and have much less nutritional value than better prepared meals. On top of that the things that are healthy for you, fruits and vegetables, don’t have the same nutritional content that they did 30 or more years ago. Over-farming and environmental pollution have depleted the soil of vital nutrients so it takes more servings of fruits and vegetables to get the same nutrition that our grandparents received from one serving when they were young. Maybe some Nikken supplements could help.

What’s New in Nikken Supplements

Kenzen Super Ciaga is made from maqui berry, elderberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry juices

NEW May 2020 – Nikken has changed Kenzen Super Ciaga from a juice into a powder. It has the same high antioxidant capacity and now has a lot more flexibility. You can mix it with water to make it into a juice like it used to be, or you can mix it into a smoothie or other drink for additional flavor and nutritional value. On top of that, it is lighter than the liquid juice, so it’s a lot less expensive to ship.

Kenzen BDZ is Nikken's new bone density supplement that helps your body process and use calcium efficiently for strong, healthy bones.

New May 2019 – Nikken has a new bone density supplement. Kenzen BDZ contains some calcium, but not all that you need during the day. What it does have is the vitamins and minerals your body needs to properly use the calcium in BDZ and already in your diet to build and remineralize your bones.

How to place a Nikken autoship order and get a 25% discount.

Nikken has an autoship program that allows you to receive your Nikken supplements on a regular basis (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semiannually) shipped to you automatically at a 10% discount. Learn more about the Nikken autoship program here.

You Are What You Eat

Whole Food Nutritional supplements have become critical for us to get all of the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy and active. Not all supplements are created equal though. Cheaper supplements use sand, clay and shampoo as fillers and binders and they don’t always break down as they pass through the body. You will also notice that Nikken doesn’t offer just a Vitamin C supplement or a Vitamin E supplement. There are no “Nikken vitamins” per se. The Nikken supplements all target body systems and processes, not a specific mineral or nutrient. Even the calcium supplement isn’t just calcium. The body doesn’t use just a specific nutrient. It needs groups of nutrients that work together.

Read about how my family uses the Nikken nutritionals.

Nikken Whole Food Supplements

My family and I have been taking the Nikken supplements for several years now and we really like them, especially the CiagaV and Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass Powder. We generally mix an ounce of CiagaV with a teaspoon of the Jade GreenZymes and enough water to fill a small glass. We also add in an Immunity capsule for our kids and they really like it. They almost never get sick and I give a lot of the credit to the Nikken supplements.

Remember too that, unlike a lot of other companies, Nikken does not require a monthly autoship order to get their nutritional supplements. You can always set up an autoship if you want to, but you can also just get one bottle to try it out before you make any long-term commitment.

Core Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Support

Cardiovascular Support

Immune Support

Skeletal Support

Nervous System Support

Other Nutritional Support


As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of these incredible products or those of my customers who are using the Nikken supplements. Also, none of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions. I use the Nikken nutritional supplements and feel that they are high quality.

4 Responses to Whole Food Supplements

  1. Eva Kitchen says:

    A regular customer. Just wondering if you carry any types of Potassium supplements.

    • Hi Eva. Nikken doesn’t make supplements that isolate a single nutrient. The only product that I found any potassium in at all are the protein shakes but they contain less than 1% of the recommended daily value. According to this article, the best sources for potassium are white beans, spinach, baked potatoes, baked acorn squash, avocados and bananas.

  2. jude says:

    I thought some of these products were meant to be discontinued?

    • I have not heard anything about nutritional items being discontinued in the US or Canada. Your email address shows that your are in the UK which has many different products and can introduce and discontinue products on a different schedule than in the US and Canada.

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