The New Nikken Grounding Pad

You know how it’s a very good idea that all of the electrical wiring in your house has a connection to the ground to protect you, right? Well, your body has a lot of electrical things going on inside too. And just like your house, it’s a very good idea for it to have an electrical connection to ground every now and then. Here’s the new KenkoGround from Nikken to help you with that.

Nikken KenkoGround grounding pad. Reconnecting with Mother Nature.

What is the KenkoGround Pad?

The KenkoGround is a pad that gives you the benefits of electrically connecting with the earth while inside the comfort of your home.

The pad contains silver conductive fibers and plugs into the ground plug in a regular electrical outlet. When you touch the pad, preferably with bare skin, you are electrically grounded to the earth outside.

Won’t I Get Electrocuted?

I have had a pad like this from another company for several years and I’ve never been electrocuted.

You should check your outlets to make sure that they are correctly grounded before you plug in your pad for the first time. Some builders take shortcuts that result in the outlet not being properly grounded.

For less than $10 you can buy an outlet tester and check all of your electrical outlets to make sure they are properly wired. Honestly, it’s a good idea to check your outlets whether you are using this pad or not.

I found this tester on but you should be able to find one at any hardware store. (This is an affiliate link but it doesn’t affect the price you pay.)

Why Do You Want to Be Grounded?

When you were a kid being grounded was a bad thing, right? It means you did something wrong and got caught.

Well, this grounding is a good thing.

As you move about your day you pick up charges from the air, from the food you eat, and scuffing your feet across the carpet. The effect is even stronger when you use electronics, like this computer I’m writing on and the device you are using to read it.

That wouldn’t be a problem if we were in contact with the ground. But, most of the time we aren’t. We insulate ourselves almost all the time by wearing shoes, staying indoors on dead wood and concrete, and riding in cars on rubber tires. 

You don’t want to be like a cloud in a thunderstorm that held onto the charge too long.

Connecting with the ground for as little as 15 minutes twice a day can be a huge benefit in getting rid of all that stored up charge. Ideally you want to walk barefoot in damp grass or in the wet sand on the beach.

Walking barefoot on the beach is an excellent way of electrically grounding out your body.

That’s Why You Want a KenkoGround Pad

It isn’t always easy or convenient to get in touch with the ground. Most people don’t live on a beach or out in the country where grass is prevalent. Beyond that, you probably have a job that requires you to be indoors most of the time.

The KenkoGround pad plugs into the grounding part of any properly wired electrical outlet and connects you to the ground while you are inside. 

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