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Nikken Magnets

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Magnets have been used for centuries to help the body heal, relax and re-energize. They are kind of like jumper cables for the little batteries in each one of the cells in your body.

Need science to believe? The FDA has approved some pulsed-magnetic field devices for medical purposes. The most common are the ones for helping bones to heal. They can only be used for short periods of time because the magnetic fields are produced by AC electricity and the switching frequency is potentially harmful.

The MRI is a more commonly known medical device that uses magnetic fields for diagnostic purposes.

The magnets I am talking about here, the Nikken magnets, are all static magnets, so they don’t contain any harmful frequencies or radiation. How do we know that low gauss static magnets are safe to use? If they weren’t, the human race would have died out long ago. The Earth itself is a low-gauss magnet.

What’s New in Nikken Magnets

The KenkoTouch offers relief and relaxation through physical and magnetic stimulation

November 2016 People have been waiting for the replacement for the Biaxial magnetic devices, like the PowerMag. Well, it’s finally here and this is it.

The KenkoTouch is a magnetic massager using the newer DynaFlux magnets.

The Nikken Magnetic Products

Do Nikken Magnets work?

That’s not really a question that I can answer here because to do so would be making a medical claim. To be honest, like anything else (including medications) magnets work differently for everyone. Some people respond very quickly to the Nikken magnets and other people very slowly or seemingly not at all.

My suggestion is that you try an inexpensive magnet like the Kenko PowerChip or a PowerBand bracelet. When you feel sore, you can tape the PowerChip on over the area with some first-aid tape and see how it feels in a few hours, the next day, and after a few days. Then, when you decide that they work for you, you can get a pair of magnetic insoles and eventually get the full Nikken magnetic sleep system.

How Do Nikken Magnets Help the Body?

I am sometimes asked how magnets help your body. I find it difficult to answer that question because they can affect the body in a variety of ways. Without making any specific medical claims, I can say that magnets have been shown to have a relaxing and energizing effect on the body.

For example, when I’m on my feet for very long they feel a whole lot better when I have my mSteps magnetic insoles in my shoes. I sleep a lot better on my magnetic mattress pad than I do without it. I take my magnetic pillow with me when I travel so that I at least have something. A king-sized pad isn’t very portable at all, so I have to leave it behind.

As I already said, when talking about magnets and health, the best answer is to try something inexpensive and see how you respond to it. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of magnets that Nikken has. The Nikken magnets have gone through many iterations and come in a variety of formats.

Simple Magnets

The simplest magnetic products are the ones that contain individual magnets. These are the

A spinning magnet is much stronger than one that just sits in one place. That is one thing that makes the MagDuo and MagCreator so popular.

DynaFlux Magnetic Technology

Nikken has a brand new magnetic technology that has replaced the EQL magnetic technology that was in the Kenko Mini and Super Mini. They found that by layering magnets with the poles in opposition (like pole facing like pole) they get an intensified magnetic field that extends much farther from the surface.

DynaFlux magnetic technology is currently available in the:

I am hearing from people who are having good results using the PowerChips on their knees and hips where the discomfort lies deep.

Find a price and order your Nikken magnetic products.

If you want to, you can find out more about how and why magnets work here and you can check out this blog post I wrote about the research of Robert Becker.


As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent Nikken. The contents of this website are my opinions based on my use of Nikken magnets. None of this has been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific Nikken magnetic products for specific conditions.

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