The Nikken Water Bottle

The filtered Nikken water bottle gives you clean, alkaline water wherever you go. Click on the picture below of the bottle or the replacement filter cartridge for more information and to order.

The PiMag Sport Bottle is biodegradable, BPA free, and has a replaceable filter

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Buy The PiMag Sport Bottle is biodegradable, BPA free, and has a replaceable filter

What would you think of a sport bottle that filtered water as well or better than a $3,000 system, for only a fraction (less than 2%) of the cost? Pretty darn cool, right? Check out the new Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle.

I’ll be honest. When Nikken came out with the PiMag sport water bottle in the summer of 2011, I thought “why bother?” I filter my water at home (the PiMag Waterfall has the same filtration capabilities) and take my water with me in a regular water bottle.

Several times since then I have found myself away from home and my bottle empty. That’s why I have 2 of the Nikken water bottles for my family. If we are away from home and run out of water, we can use them to refill our bottles from the most convenient water source and know we have water almost as good as we can get at home.

The filter cartridge in the Nikken PiMag sport bottle is amazing! When it was released, it was the best water filtration system that Nikken had. The PiMag Waterfall came out about six months later with the same filtration capabilities. If you look at the documentation you will see that they target a specific pH range (8.5pH – 9.5pH), so the water is very alkaline. It also reduces the redox potential of the water by about 200 mV, which means that the water can work like an antioxidant when you drink it. Reducing redox potential isn’t something that Nikken has done before.

How to Use the Nikken Sports Bottle

Dave Balzer at Nikken recorded a nice video with some tips about what  you can do if your Nikken Sports Bottle leaks when it arrives. It probably as to do with the bottle getting banged around during shipping and is easily fixable. Check it out on YouTube here.

I recorded my own videos for the Nikken water bottle too and you can find them in the sidebar of this page to the right below the Related Articles and Recent Comments sections. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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