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You need a good night sleep, right? You can’t function without it. You try to make do with caffeine, but a good night’s sleep would do wonders. The first place to look is the environment that you sleep in and the surface that you sleep on. Maybe a Kenko Naturest Fit mattress pad can help. Read on.

Nikken magnetic mattress pad

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Do you get a great night’s sleep just about every night? You get to sleep quickly, sleep soundly through the night, and wake up in the morning feeling great and well-rested?

If you do, then you know it is absolutely fantastic. If you don’t, then you need to experience this.

Having a great night’s sleep, or even a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential. Here are some of the effects of not getting enough sleep:

  • Sleepiness can cause a lack of focus leading to mistakes and accidents
  • Lack of sleep can make you dumber and forgetful, not able to think clearly
  • Lack of sleep can lead to health problems. Sleep is when your body repairs
  • Not enough sleep can lead to weight gain. Your body processes food and fat during sleep

You have to get good sleep every night. That’s all there is to it.

What’s New About the Naturest Fit?

Nikken stopped selling the Naturest toppers last year because they couldn’t get enough latex due to Covid. The new Fit is made from Rubberthane foam like the old Ultra Kenko Pads were made from.

The Kenko Fit is a lot thinner than the older toppers, so you will have an easier time finding fitted sheets to fit over top of everything. It should also stay in place on top of your mattress a lot better than the loose toppers did too.

The biggest thing you will notice (if you have looked into the older toppers) is that price is a LOT less. And because they are thinner, they won’t cost as much to ship and will probably ship through UPS instead of a separate freight company.

Sleep is Important. Will a Magnetic Mattress Pad Really Help?

A magnetic mattress topper has helped a lot of people get great sleep.

Some companies make medical claims that their magnetic pads will cure diseases such as cancer. Regardless of whether they do or not, static magnets are not approved by the FDA for “treating” the body and therefore anyone making such claims runs the risk of being investigated by the FDA and put out of business. You won’t hear me making any such claims on this website even though people have had some amazing experiences with the Nikken magnetic mattress pad.

Why Sleep on a Nikken Mattress Topper

Nikken has been making magnets since 1975 and making magnetic mattress pads since 1979, so they know some things about magnets. Until October 2009 the Nikken mattress toppers have been made from a dense synthetic foam with 800 gauss magnets laid out basically in a grid. My family still sleeps on these pads and we sleep great.

In October 2009 Nikken introduced the next magnetic mattress pad, the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper . This is a complete departure from the previous pads. The pad itself was now made from natural latex rubber, a material that keeps its shape better than synthetic foam and provides natural resistance to microbes, so it isn’t saturated with toxic chemicals. They used a magnetic arrangement called RAM, then Spyder-RAM, to create a dynamic 3-D magnetic field.

The latest topper, just introduced on October 23, 2015, uses the same natural latex foam for comfort, durability and freedom from toxic chemicals. What has changed is the magnets. Nikken has replaced the RAM magnets with DynaFlux magnetic nodes that create a much bigger magnetic field without having the increase the size of the magnets. They also cost less, so the current Kenko Naturest DynaFlux Mattress Topper costs less than the previous topper did. This means that you get better magnetic coverage in the same quality pad for less money out of your pocket.

Get Price and Buy a Nikken Magnetic Mattress Pad

To check the price and order a Nikken Naturest mattress topper just click the image below. You will be taken to a new page where you can see the price and use an online shopping cart. You can also call or email me if you prefer. My contact information is at the top of this page next to my picture.


As an independent Nikken wellness consultant I do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of my Nikken magnetic mattress pad and those of my customers who also have one. None of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe a Nikken mattress pad for specific conditions.

85 Responses to Nikken Mattress Topper

  1. Ellen Wood says:

    I have an older Nikken mattress topper. I have had a knee replacement and my replacement is a Colbalt Chrome knee is it safe to start back to sleeping on my topper. My doctor did not answer question.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Ellen. That is a medical question that you have to ask a doctor. If your doctor didn’t answer you face-to-face then call their office and ask. Surely someone there can tell you if the components respond to magnets or not.

  2. Bernadette says:

    Is it ok to lay on the magnetic topper for 20 hours a day? what about if you have 2 stainless steel pins in your leg . The pins are in the front of my leg and I sleep on my back ?

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Bernadette. I recommend that you ask your doctor first. Stainless steel isn’t pure iron, so it won’t respond as strongly, but it does still contain a significant percentage of iron. Your doctor should know how strongly the pins will respond to a weak magnetic field.

  3. Laura says:

    Hi, I have an opportunity to get the pad second hand for a fabulous price. However it’s a queen and we need a full. Is it ok to trim to size? Thanks

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Laura. If I were buying it at a fabulous price I would be tempted to try to cut it down. There are a few challenges to consider though. One, you’re going to lose some magnets, so you need to make sure that there are still magnets where you will lay on it at the smaller size. Then you will probably need to somehow seal the cut areas so that the foam doesn’t pull apart over time. I think it will probably crumble at the rough edge. Then you need to somehow make the cover smaller so that the pad doesn’t move around a lot as you sleep on it. I think it will be a lot of work.

      • Gail Felts says:

        Wayne, My name is Gail and I live in Nashville, TN. I have a full size mattress pad that is the old style eggshell type with magnets that I want to sell for $50.00. You would need to pay for shipping. I did not use it as I was a distributor years ago and used it to show people. I did not loan it out as the products are costly and some smaller items I did not get back when I loaned them out. It has been in its black Nikken bag in my closet and is in really good shape! I can send you photos.

        • Wayne says:

          Hi Gail. Thanks for the offer but I will pass. I have the current version of the mattress topper and I like it a lot better than any of the previous ones.

  4. Karen Rice says:

    We are interested in purchasing a king mattress topper .

  5. Teressa Ondre says:

    After 3 back surgeries, last one 7 level fusion; I would like to have a magnetic mattress topper. We 2 twin beds. Can you help? I used to work for Nikken back in the nineties, I know they work.

  6. Evonne Maas says:

    How grateful I was to find your Nikken blog! You have helped so many people.
    Hubby and I gave distributorship the old college try in the 1990’s along with two close friends, but it didn’t last long. Missouri might be the “show-me state,” but we soon became aware that Wisconsin is the “prove it to me and I still won’t believe it” state! That said, here is my current problem:
    I bought a demo pad on ebay about 5 years ago and some of the magnets were clumped in bunches. We called Nikken in L.A. and were told to glue them back in with a hot glue gun. Many are again clumped together. Don’t know if they are the re-glued ones or different ones.
    In checking what kind of glue might be a better choice for gluing magnets to foam, it got quite complicated…
    Like: which are best on
    –open- vs closed-cell foam (looks like from 2009 on, Nikken’s were open-celled, but nowhere was it mentioned what the older ones were).
    –natural or synthetic foam (again Nikken’s newer ones are natural, but nothing said anything about the older ones).
    Also couldn’t find anything about gluing magnets-to-foam or foam-to-magnets anywhere!
    In today’s search, I also read that heat from glue guns can diminish the intensity of the magnets, so we don’t want to use that again.
    My last inquiry is about which side of the magnet to glue down and which side should be facing up. All of the loose magnets have a subtle waffle pattern on one side and an indented dot in the center of the other side. All but TWO of the magnets still glued to the pad are waffle-side up. I honestly don’t remember which way we glued them last time, but that might explain why two are different. Per a post on your blog from Mike Sellards on February 18, 2012 asking if the positive or negative side should be up (and that too was confusing because he said that on one “pad,” the magnets were positive side down and on the other “pad” the magnets were negative side down), your reply a little over an hour later was, “Hey Mike. The magnets definitely go on top. They should be alternating though. Some of the magnets should be positive side up and other have the negative side up. They shouldn’t all be the same.” Now I’m more confused as I’m thinking the two different patterns on the magnets designate which side is positive and which side is negative, and again, all but 2 on my pad are waffle-pattern up.
    Hoping you can “address this mess” for me, please.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Evonne. Here are the answers to the easy questions. If you have a pad from the 90’s then it is definitely synthetic foam. Nikken only started using natural latex with the Naturest pads. As for the glue, I’d use something strong like superglue or Gorilla glue. You use a hot glue gun for craft projects and I’m sure the glue wouldn’t hold a craft project together if you slept on it either.

      I’m really not sure about how to orient the magnets when you glue them in. Your pad is older than mine and most likely a different version because they changed every few years. The best I can suggest is to study the magnets for glue residue. If there is still some of the original glue stuck to the magnets then you can figure out if they all went in the same way or if they alternated. Also, glue residue in the pad would show your where the magnets went.

      I apologize that I can’t be more help than that.

  7. Sally Juhasz says:

    I have an older Ultra KenkoPad. Both sides have the egg shaped magnets, impossible to tell the difference between them. I have lost the tag that used to tell you which way to lay it correctly. The zip is at one end and the care instructions are at the opposite end (facing the side I sleep on). I did the screw driver test on both sides and magnets still work. It is a queen size pad. Can you please tell me the correct way to place it on the bed.
    At present zip is facing my head and care instructions at my feet, is this the right way up?
    Appreciate your help

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Sally. I think you have it right. I have the same pad and the “Under penalty of law” tag hangs off the foot of the bed. It is stitched in just under the border that goes around the edge of the pad. The zipper goes across the head end of the pad.

  8. karen Richardson says:

    Hi. My husband has two drug alluding stents in his right coronary artery. Is it safe for him to continue sleeping on our magnetic topper?

  9. Elisabeth says:

    We have a Nikken mattress we bought in 2000. It has served us well but because it was
    Too firm we have used a 3inch foam pad for a few years. My husband just received a pacemaker and we understand that anything magnetic should be no closer than 6 inches from the device. Where in this 6 inch tall mattress are the magnets?
    Can we turn the mattress over to create adequate clearance?

    • The magnets are on the top surface of the mattress pad. If your husband has a pacemaker then he shouldn’t use the mattress at all. Even if you flip it over and lay on it, the mattress will compress and he is still less than 6 inches from the magnets. Besides, at 18 years old, it’s probably time for a new (non-magnetic in your husband’s case) mattress anyway.

  10. Daniel says:

    Do you still sell the Kenkopad topper for massage tables? I did not see it offered when I clicked the link. My brother’s measured 72″ x 29″. If so, can you provide a link for this topper, and how much does it cost?
    Thank you.

  11. Liz says:

    Would you get any effect if you used the wrong side of the mattress? I don’t find it uncomfortable, but still prefer a smooth mattress

  12. Lana says:

    I have a 25 year Nikken mattress. Are the magnetic still working?

  13. Barbara johnson says:

    A friend moved and gave me a magnetic matress pad. How can I tell what power the magnets are?

  14. Patrick says:

    Haven’t used my mattress in many years and don’t remember if magnets point up or down? Label up or down?

  15. belinda miller says:

    need to know about electric heated mattress pads can i use it with the magnetic mattress topper

    • Ben says:

      Hi Belinda. I’ve never heard anything specific saying that you cannot use electric pads or blankets with the magnetic toppers. I wouldn’t combine them though because magnets affect how electricity flows and cause it to exceed what the electric pad or blanket was designed to handle.

  16. Karen says:

    I received a Nikken Ultra Kenko Pad Twin Size 35″x 72″ Mattress Topper and if has a old smell to it. I wash the covers but was wondering if you can clean the mattress it’s self or spray it with something to make it smell good?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Karen. That topper hasn’t been available for several years, so it isn’t really a surprise that it smells a little old. I don’t see any issue with lightly spraying it with something like Febreeze or a diluted essential oil. It will need to be able to dry completely afterward. You could also air it outside as long as it is out of direct sunlight and not too hot.

  17. Theresa says:

    I have an older queen size magnetic pad and I also purchased a BioMat far infrared amethyst pad. I would like to use both and am thinking the magnetic pad should go on top as the infrared will penetrate through the magnets … am I correct or are their contraindication for using both?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Theresa.
      I don’t have any experience with the BioMat products. I think if you are going to use both, put the BioMat on top. I don’t think the technologies built into the BioMat will pass through the thickness of the Nikken topper very well. You should still receive most of the benefits from the magnets because your body’s EM field will pass through the BioMat and interact with the magnetic field of the Nikken pad below. You can try them both ways and see which feels better to you.

  18. Pat Henry says:

    I am concerned about using an electric blanket with my Nikken Magnet Mattress. Please let me know if it is safe to use as soon as possible. I have been using using many of Nikken’s products and have convinced many friends to purchase them also. Pat Henry

    • Ben says:

      Hi Pat. I have never seen anything saying that you can’t use an electric blanket with a magnetic mattress topper. Electric blankets are more harmful to your body, regardless of the pad, because of the EMF noise that they put off and how close they are to your body. The magnets from your pad may offset some of the harmful EMF.

  19. Faye Morris says:

    I have the older hard magnetic mattress and quilt with the magnets. My husband had a plate with screws put in his back. The screws came out after 5 months, and the surgeon had to operate again and replace the plate from L2 to the pelvis. The plate is titanium. I need to know if it safe to use the mattress and the quilt.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Faye. I would check with your doctor to be absolutely certain that there aren’t any other issues with using magnets in his case, but as far as the titanium plate is concerned he should be fine. Titanium is not magnetic and will not be affected by magnets.

  20. Lacy says:

    Got a Magboy passed to me, it is an older one. Do these expire? Is it ok to still use? Thanks!

  21. Alejandro Rosa says:

    Hi My name is Alejandro and I got a mattress for my son but I wanted to know how does Nikken deal with the positive Return Field that supposedly all magnets have ? I know that positive magnetic field is unhealthy for your body so I’m concerned with that so I would be very thankful if you could help me clear that out. thank you

    • Ben says:

      Hi Alejandro. The positive/negative polarity debate doesn’t apply to Nikken’s magnetic products. That might be more of an issue with magnets that are several thousand gauss or more, not intended for long-term use. Nikken uses a mixed field with both positive and negative polarities to mimic the Earth’s magnetic field and are intended for long-term use.
      My son has been sleeping on Nikken magnets since he was six months old.

  22. Olga says:

    I have a Kenko mattress topper and want to know if it’s safe to sleep on it if I am pregnant?
    Thank you

    • Hi Olga,
      I asked my wife what she thought and she said that she wouldn’t give it a second thought. She would definitely continue sleeping on the pad if she were pregnant again. If you have any concerns then you should definitely consult your doctor.

      • Corina says:

        Actually it is not recomanded to be used in the first trimmester of the pregnancie.

        • Ben says:

          Hi Corina. There are so many changes happening inside the body during the first trimester that it is generally not a good idea to make a lot of changes to your environment, like adding a magnetic mattress pad. Most companies put the first trimester warning on their labels because there is a high chance of something going wrong during a pregnancy and they don’t want to catch the blame and get sued.
          I wouldn’t try a magnetic pad for the first time during a pregnancy, but having already slept on it for several years
          it wouldn’t even cross our minds to remove it if my wife were to get pregnant again.

  23. MaHa' says:

    Hi. I have a rather new magnetic mattress topper from Nikken and I love it. I also have an awesome foam mattess that was rather expensive. I want the affects of both products. Will the Nikken topper work affectively if it is placed under the foam mattress? Thank you….

    • Hi MaHa’. You will do better if the Nikken topper is on top because magnetic fields grow weaker with distance. If placed under the other pad you will still have an effect because your body’s electromagnetic field (or aura if you prefer) extends far enough from your body that it will still surround the magnets but the effect will be more subtle.

  24. Christina says:

    I have the older Nikken mattress topper with eggcrates on both sides. Most of the magnets have fallen out and are clumped together. Is there a way to keep them in or do they just set into the valleys? What would the pattern be to arrange them?

    • Hi Christina. The magnets were originally glued in place. Now that glue has dried out and the magnets have fallen out. At least you know the magnets still work. You can glue the magnets back in place. I think the current mattress pad actually uses a wax instead so that it is less likely to dry out. If you pull the foam out of the cover you may be able to find the dried up glue in some of the valleys and be able to determine where the magnets go. Some of the toppers have had the magnets in a regular grid pattern while others have had them in a different pattern. I really don’t have any way to know what that might be for your pad.

  25. Linda says:

    I was also wondering, do magnets have an adverse affects on the body? And do other sources in the home clash with magnetic products? Things that come to my mind are the cell phone or laptops. Do they have magnetic parts & do these affect our bodies, or interfere with Nikken products? Thanks so much.

    • Hi again Linda. I believe that very strong magnets can have an adverse effect on the body. Magnets affect the flow of energy and a very strong magnet will have a very strong effect and could overstimulate the body. Nikken’s magnets are fairly weak and are intended to create a balancing influence similar to what we would get from the Earth’s magnetic field if we spent more time outdoors.
      Cellphones, laptops, TVs, anything powered by electricity also put out an electromagnetic field or EMF, and other forms of radiation. The fields put out by these devices are not compatible with the body and may be harmful over a period of time. The problem with these is the frequency of the electrical component. The AC power coming into our homes in the US and Canada is 60Hz which means that the flow of current switches direction 120 times every second. Electric current creates a magnetic field, and in this, it changes polarity 120 times every second. That doesn’t make our cells happy.
      Other magnetic fields in your home are not likely to affect the Nikken magnets because Nikken uses permanent magnets. The magnets would have to stay within a constant magnetic field for many years before they would begin to be affected. Likewise, Nikken’s magnets are strong enough to affect the operation of other devices, like cellphones or laptops either. We sometimes use a laptop on our magnetic mattress pad and have never had a problem. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen though.

  26. Linda says:

    I’m new to Nikken products, but know a few friends who recommend it & I am to the point where I am anxious to try it, because of pain I endure each day. I am wondering how long it takes for these magnets to work, where I begin to feel improvements? And also, is there such a thing as using too many magnets? I see people using mattress pads, and comforters & pillows. I just bought the power patch adhesive magnets to apply to your body. Is there a safe # of magnets that you can apply? Or does it matter how many you use? Thankyou for all your advice & help.

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for visiting. Officially, I cannot answer your question about pain because that would qualify as a medical claim. If we talk about “discomfort” instead then I can help you a little. People’s response to magnets varies greatly. Some people feel something immediately while others may take a lot longer, maybe a week or two. The PowerPatches that you bought are a good choice to get started. They are safe to use anywhere externally (don’t swallow them) and no, there isn’t such a thing as using too many. At least not with Nikken’s magnets. As I write this I have my shoes on with my magnetic insoles, an old magnetic belt, magnetic bracelets on each wrist, a necklace around my neck, and I’m sitting on my Kenkoseat magnetic chair pad. And just what I use when I’m feeling good. If something hurt, then I would be using my PowerPatches or a PowerChip too.
      I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask more questions. That’s what I’m here for.

  27. Marie Gobuyan says:

    We have two demonstration magnet pads which we had when we were Nikken dealers about ten years ago. The two perfectly fit our queen bed. Are these pads still good? We are also still using our magnet pillows but wonder if the magnet expires. Thanks.

    • Hi Marie. You have two demo pads. You are not the first person I have talked to who is using two demo-sized pads to make up a queen. The magnets should still be fine in the pads and the pillows. The easy way to verify it for yourself is with a butter knife or a screwdriver. First make sure that your tool will respond to a magnet, like a refrigerator. Stainless steel will stick to a magnet while titanium will not. Now that you know you have a good magnet tester, find one of the magnets in a topper or pillow and touch your tester to the magnet and see if it pulls. It isn’t going to pull very hard because the magnets aren’t very strong. If you get a response then you know that your magnets are still good and you can sleep easy.

  28. Mike Sellards says:

    I have two older Queen size Toppers with egg carton on both sides, I recently removed the covers to wash them and then noticed that i did not pay attention which side was up. Reading your comments I learned that the magnet side should be up. however upon close inspection I see that the magnets are face down(negative) on one pad and face up(positive) on the other. Does it make a difference which way the positve or negative side is facing.

    • Hey Mike. The magnets definitely go on top. They should be alternating though. Some of the magnets should be positive side up and other have the negative side up. They shouldn’t all be the same.

  29. Amethyst says:

    I have a few questions about this. My daughter uses one of the Kenko ultra pad ( weird leaf designs on it says its a twin.. but dosnt fit her twin bed right too long and too narrow) from a few years ago. it seems to help with her sleep better and helps her ear infections too. My question is is there a way to make it softer? Like can i buy another foamy to go over it? Or put it under bher mattress? ( 6 inches i think it is) Also Do you know of a way to clean it? she had a potty training accident and unfortunately we didn’t have a rubber sheet on her bed at the time. I find my daughter is fussy without her pad but my son is MORE fussy with his ( hes a baby so we use the puppy sleeper under his sheets ( also should the magnets be at the top or bottom on the puppy pad)) but he fuses more. Is that normal? Thanks for your help!

    • I talked to another lady today and what she has done to make it more comfortable is put a foam pad underneath the magnetic mattress pad. That way it has more give and you keep the magnets closer to her body. Officially, the cover is spot clean only, but we have washed ours in the washing machine for the same reason. We washed it by itself and then let it air dry. It may shrink some, so it will be more work getting it back onto the bad. Just go slow, take your time, and you will be able to get it all back in place and it will stretch back out. The magnets are on the top surface of the pad. If you son is less fussy without the pad, then let him sleep without it. The whole point is to improve sleep and if he sleeps better without, then that’s what he needs.

  30. David says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I just want to ask, is magnetic mattress pad safe for babies? because I’m so curious about that thing.

    • Yes, these magnetic mattress pads are safe for babies. My son has been sleeping on one since he was 6 months old. The only reason he wasn’t on one sooner is because I hadn’t heard of Nikken before then.

  31. Renee says:

    Another question – can people with hip or knee replacements use the Nikken pads?

    • Yes, people with hip or knee replacements can use the Nikken pads. The metals used for them, usually titanium, are not affected by magnets. The only reason to stay away from magnets is if you have an implanted battery-powered device like a pace maker, insulin pump, or similar device.

  32. Renee says:

    HI Wayne,
    I have an older pad – maybe 10 yrs old??
    Does it make a difference, once I have the magnets facing up towards the body, at which end I put my head?

    • There is a “correct” orientation for the pads. The older pads have the tags hanging off the foot end of the pad and a label attached to the surface at the head. On the Naturest pads they are all at the head. With the older pads it doesn’t really matter that much because the magnets are set in a grid pattern into the surface of the pad. It does matter in the Naturest pads where the magnets are only set where a person lays down and mainly target the torso.

  33. Pam says:

    Can a Nikken (probably 10-15 yrs old) mattress pad be used on a sleep number bed?

  34. Andrea Samadi says:

    Thanks Wayne! I appreciate your speedy response and support! I will keep you posted down the line-currently working on a goal-setting website for teens, and taking the book, and mturning it into interactive software…should be ready by the time your kids are teens! 🙂 Congrats on your kids, as well as your blog! Well done,

  35. Andrea Samadi says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I am curious if you know this. I purchased a Queen Nikken mattress (not the topper but the actual mattress) back in 2000 or so, when I was a distributor. I still have the mattress and use it often (not right now, as I am pregnant and its too hard)….but do you know if it ever needs to be replaced, or is it the same rule you mentioned above with the topper?
    Thanks, Andrea in AZ.

    • Andrea, it is the same rule for the mattress as it is for the toppers. As long as the materials are holding together it should be fine. The mattress is essentially a mattress with a topper built into it and the magnets are the same, and you can test them like I described in my reply to Lee Anne’s comment.

  36. Alyson Doerr says:

    Hi Wayne!
    We just got our Kenko Naturest King topper not too long ago, its very comfy! I was wondering what side should be resting against our bodies: the egg carton textured side or the smooth side? I want to make sure I have it positioned correctly.
    thanks so much!

    • Hey Alyson,
      The topper goes with the egg carton textured side up toward your body. The peaks are of a slightly denser foam that provides a passive massage while you are sleeping. The magnet disks are embedded in some of the valleys and are deep enough that you won’t fee them but they are close enough that you get the magnetic benefit.

      • Alyson Doerr says:

        Thanks so much! We are now lying in that position and my boys are sleeping like logs, it’s pretty amazing stuff. My youngest is autistic and the extra sleep is really helpful. Thanks for your help!

  37. rita dy says:

    Thank you for your response. I have therefore decided not to replace my Kenko pad. Brgds

  38. rita dy says:

    I have had a Kenko mat topper for about 10 years. Noticed that at the area is scooped where my hips or buttocks would be resting on. Is this the kenko pad or the mattress foam that’s underneath the pad. Does the Kenko pad loose its shape?
    My next question is how do we clean our kenko topper. ? I use a mattress pad on top of the Kenko topper then the bedsheet, will this lose the therapeutic effect effect of the Kenko topper ?

    • Rita, after 10 years it is entirely possible that the Kenko pad has compressed some where you lay on it every night. Most of what you are seeing is probably in your mattress though. If you have the room to do it, you can take the topper off and see for certain which one it is. The Kenko pad isn’t supposed to lose its shape, but if you lay on a rock every night for 10 years it will show some wear too.
      Officially, you are only supposed to spot clean the topper. Nikken doesn’t recommend it, but we have had to wash the covers on our kids’ smaller pads once or twice and it is doable, just a slow tedious process to get the cover back on the pad because it does shrink a little in the wash.
      We use a thin pad and bedsheet on top of our topper too. That shouldn’t be a problem. Consider that a doctor or scientist with the proper equipment can examine your body’s magnetic field up to 3 feet away from your body. As long as the magnets are within that field you will receive the benefits from them.

  39. Lee Anne says:

    I have had my kenko mattress topper for approx 11 years. I am wondering when does it need to be replaced? What is the life span of them? What are some of the side effects to sleeping on this mattress topper.

    • Lee, your mattress topper should be good for as long as the materials hold together. The magnets should still be fine. What I usually tell people to do to check them is take a butter knife or screwdriver and hold it up to a refrigerator magnet to make sure that it will respond to a magnet. Then go in to your mattress topper and find one of the magnets. Hold the knife or screwdriver near the magnet and you should feel a slight pull. They are not strong magnets so they aren’t going to rip the knife out of your hand, but you should feel something.
      The only side effects should be that you sleep well.

  40. Lyndonna Taylor says:

    Received a second hand kenko matress topper with 100 magnets in it. I need to know which side of the matress needs to be against the body. Both sides have the pointy eggcrate design on it and one side has 5 rows of flat magnets showing. Please reply soon. Thank You

    • It sounds like you have one of the older Ultra Kenko Pads. On all of Nikken’s mattress pads the magnets are on the top side that faces up toward your body.

      • Jan says:

        Can you sleep on an old topper night after night or do i remember you should remove it for a week or so?

        • Ben says:

          Hi Jan. There is no reason to not sleep on it. We have slept on ours almost every night for almost 10 years. The only time we don’t sleep on it is if we go out of town, and that’s only because a king pad doesn’t pack nicely into the trunk of the car. Sometimes distributors recommend that you take the topper off if you don’t think the magnets are affecting you anymore. After a week of staying away from all magnets you will feel the affect again. You’ve just gotten used to the magnetic effect. It’s the same thing as if you had your hands in warm water. After 10 minutes it doesn’t feel warm anymore. Put your hands in cold water for a few minutes then put them back in the warm water and it feels warm again.

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