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The Nikken PowerBand wristbands are magnetic bracelets durable enough to wear during sports yet still nice enough to wear casually. Click the picture below to get more information on the Nikken magnetic bracelet.

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This is the Kenko PowerBand wristband, the Nikken magnetic bracelet durable enough for athletic wear yet stylish enough for casual wear.

Nikken Power Band bracelets are available in black. It used to come in several other colors, but black is all that people really wanted. Who can blame them. Black hides wear, goes with everything, and works well for both athletic and causal wear.

The PowerBand wristband come in two sizes – regular is 7.5 inches long and large is 8.7 inches long. That typically works out that regular is for women and large is for men, but there are always exceptions. Be sure to measure your wrist first if you are unsure which one is right for you.

PowerBands – More Than Just Magnetic Bracelets

Before we go any further, these are not those silicone wristbands with the hologram disk. I don’t understand what the holograms do. I’m not saying they don’t work. I just don’t understand how they work. Anyway, these are magnets and magnets definitely affect the body.

The Nikken Kenko PowerBand magnetic bracelets incorporate magnets, special cotton fibers, and tourmaline to create a wristband that relaxes and energizes your muscles.

Do magnets affect your body? Absolutely. You can use a magnetometer to measure magnetic energy, so you can prove it exists. Magnetic energy passes through your body (an MRI wouldn’t work if it didn’t). Any energy that passes through your body affects your body.

Special Cotton Fibers

Nikken incorporates special fibers that absorb ambient energy and then sends it back to your body to gently warm and relax the muscles and tendons in your wrist.

The magnets are what really sets Nikken’s Kenko PowerBand bracelets apart from the rest. The other materials work together with the magnetic energy to give you more benefits than you would receive from magnets alone.

I used to work as a massage therapist, so I wear a Nikken magnetic bracelet on each arm to strengthen and energize my wrists. Massage therapy puts a lot of pressure on your wrist, so my wrists have taken a lot of abuse. I highly recommend the magnetic bracelets to other massage therapists or anyone who needs to take care of their wrists.

For more information about the Kenko PowerBand magnetic bracelets click one of the images below.

My Experience with the Nikken Magnetic Bracelet

Nikken has had a variety of bracelets over the years including both expensive metal bracelets and sports bands like the PowerBands. The metal bracelets looked very nice but they are usually heavy and expensive, so they aren’t ideal for wearing all the time.

If you are looking for the benefits of a magnetic bracelet, you want something you can wear all the time.

That’s why I like the PowerBands. The nylon-wrapped silicone band is very durable. These have lasted longer than any other piece of magnetic jewelry that I’ve had.

Another feature of the PowerBands that I like is that you can link them. For example, I don’t like anything close about my neck, so I linked one of the wristbands with the neckband to make a longer neckband that was more comfortable for me. That also doubles the number of magnets I’m wearing.

Also, because it is something that some people are concerned about, I’ve never had any issues wearing my PowerBand bracelet while using my computer. I’m wearing it now as I type this. I have accidentally put my laptop to sleep a few times. Some laptops use magnets in the screen and keyboard to detect when the laptop is closed, so I put it to sleep when one of my wrists passes over that spot on the keyboard.

Beyond that, everything is been great with my PowerBands.

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As independent Nikken wellness consultants we do not represent or speak for Nikken. The contents of this website represent my opinions based on my use of the Nikken bracelet. Also, none of these statements have been reviewed or approved by the FDA. I am a massage therapist and therefore unable to diagnose, treat, or prescribe specific products for specific conditions.

12 Responses to Nikken Magnetic Bracelets

  1. Donna Pappalardo says:

    Is there a life span for the Nikken Kenko Powerband? If it’s not been in use for a number of years in the plastic zipped pouch it was bought in does it maintain its usefulness??

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Donna. They should last a VERY long time. Mine are several years old and still work. They will pick up small finishing nails and stuff if I’m not paying attention.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi, I have a nikken powerband, does the distance between the magnets is important? Because sometimes at the gym they move because of the activity, I always try to bring them back to the original position, but I’m not sure I put them exactly in the position they were.

    • Hi Chris,
      The distance between the magnets is not important. They are movable so that you can concentrate the magnetic energy in one place or spread it out however you want. Thanks for the question.

  3. Frank says:

    Hi, is it safe to wear more than one powerband at the time in the same wrist?? And also, should i wear one on each wrist? Or right wrist? Or left wrist? Which works better? And, does it work to balance and power my whole body?

    • Hi Frank. Yes, it is safe to wear more than one PowerBand on one wrist. I have worn 2 at times but found 3 to be too much for me. If you have an issue in one wrist or arm, then that is the best wrist to wear them on. If you are looking more to help balance your energy then you would probably do better to wear one on each wrist and maybe one of the necklaces. If you look at an energy meridian chart, you will see that if you put a magnetic field around your wrists and your neck then you will affect most of the major meridians and thereby effect the whole body.

  4. John Neilson says:

    I’m looking here to find another ‘Nikken Bracelet’ for the pain in my hand and wrist.
    the one I have on now looks just like the ‘Nikken Power Band Sport Bracelets’ above.
    what I’m wondering is this ‘power Band Bracelet’ also for ‘PAIN’ or just for ‘POWER’? If it’s just for ‘Power’ then where did I go to get the ‘Nikken Bracelet for ‘PAIN'(arthritis etc.)???
    Would greatly appreciate any Info/Feedback on this please!
    Much Thanks John

    • Hi John. We cannot say that Nikken’s bracelets are for ‘pain’ because that would constitute a medical claim and since Nikken’s products are not registered as medical devices by the FDA, medical claims would get us in a lot of trouble. If you already have a Nikken bracelet that looks like the PowerBand and it was purchased since October 2010, then what you have is a PowerBand. The only difference between then and now is that there are more colors to choose from.

  5. Are the magnet bracelets safe to wear all the time? Or should they only be worn at certain times?

    • These bracelets are safe to wear all the time. I only take mine off when I take a shower or wash dishes because it isn’t a good idea for them to soak in water, especially the stainless steel ones. The PowerBands can get wet.

  6. DeAundrey Everett says:

    How is your powerband different from other bands such as Infinity Powerband with tormaline? Is your powerband more advanced than the other company’s? Pleasr give an unbias answer!!

    • Hi DeAundrey. Nikken’s PowerBand contains magnets while the Infinity Powerband has holograms. I cannot say that one is more or less advanced than the other, they are just different. I understand magnets and how they can affect the body, so I can talk about Nikken’s products. Certain types of magnetic fields are even approved by the FDA for specific medical uses, like to speed the healing of broken bones. I don’t know if there are any clinical studies to show that holograms can affect the body. I could only find this one on PubMed that shows that holograms had no more effect than the placebo. If someone can find some studies to show that holograms can affect the body then I would love to see them because I am very curious.

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