Miscellaneous Product History

Miscellaneous Discontinued Items


Nikken has gotten out of the full-spectrum light business, at least for now.

Solitens TENS Unit

The Solitens was discontinued several years ago, just before I became a distributor. It was medical equipment and required a prescription, so it really wasn’t a good fit for non-medical people to be promoting it.


The stainless steel cookware was available several years ago and unfortunately didn’t last very long. It was a great concept. The pans emitted a stream of electrons above the cooking surface that reduced the production of free radicals in your food while it cooked. I still have my pans and use them every day. Even without the electronics they are great stainless steel pans and have held up very well.

KenkoWave Treatment System

If you are looking for a KenkoWave device, I have one that has only been used twice. I may also have access to a few more. Call or email me and we’ll figure something out. My contact info is at the top right corner of this page.

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