Nutritional Product History

Discontinued Nikken Nutritional Supplements

Daily Supplements

The original Ciaga was discontinued several years ago in favor of the revamped formula in CiagaV. Now CiagaV has stepped aside to make room for Kenzen Super Ciaga.

See the men’s and women’s Kenzen Mega Daily 4 supplements.

The Jade GreenZymes has NOT been discontinued, just the single-serve packets. The Jade GreenZymes jar and capsules are still available here.

Bone Health

Calcium Plus was discontinued several years ago and replaced with Kenzen Calcium Complex.

Gut Health

Kenzen Bio-Directed Digestion was replaced with Digestion 4-20.

Kenzen Liver Support has been replaced with Kenzen Cleanse & Detox.

Heart Health

The juice version of Kenzen Bergisterol has been replaced with capsules. You can find the Bergisterol capsules here.

Shake Mixes

The Nikken shakes have gone through several iterations over the years. See the current Nikken shakes.

Energy Boost

Check out the current version of Nikken’s Kenzen Ten4 energy drink mix made from matcha green tea.


The Kenzen PaleoBars have been discontinued and they have all sold out.

Miscellaneous Supplements

Kenzen Mental Clarity has a new formula.


Pet Supplements

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