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The Kenkotherm Wraps provide support for your joints along with gentle, soothing heat. You can find more information, prices and order any of the Nikken support wraps by clicking the picture of the item you want below. You will then be taken to the Nikken website to complete your request.

KenkoTherm Wraps support your joints

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KenkoTherm wraps provide a contoured fit and support where needed.

The Nikken Kenkotherm wraps are available for the major joints in the body – wrist, elbow, knee and ankle – as well as a new wrap for the lower back. Special ceramic fibers absorb ambient energy, mostly ambient light and body heat, and reflects it back into your body to heat the area from the inside out.

The Kenkotherm Wraps

KenkoTherm Elbow Wrap A support wrap for the elbow. It is a sleeve that slips up your arm until it covers your elbow. It should be a little tight to provide support but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. Be sure to verify your size before you order.


Kenkotherm Knee Wrap The Nikken knee wrap is a support sock that slips up your leg until it covers your knee. It is a little larger at the top than at the bottom. As a knee support it should be snug to provide support and it provides a gentle warming feel.

sizelengthtop widthbottom widthtop circumferencebottom circumference
Large10″6″5″13″-17″ 11″-15″

Kenkotherm Ankle Wrap You pull the ankle wrap on like a sock so that part of it is over your ankle and part around your foot. Your heel goes through the opening in the middle. It provides support and gentle heating to the area around your ankle.


Kenkotherm Wrist Wrap This wrap slides on over your hand and sits around your wrist to provide support and gentle heating to your wrist.


Kenkotherm Back Belt The back belt straps on around your waist and provides a gentle warming effect from the special ceramic fibers. It also includes a pocket to hold the Kenko MagFlex back magnet.


How to Order the Nikken Kenkotherm Wraps

You can order any of the Kenkotherm wraps by clicking on the picture of the item below. That will take you to the order page where you can add it to your cart and then go to checkout.

My Experience with the KenkoTherm Wraps

I’m fortunate that I don’t often need a support wrap. I’m glad that I have one when I need it though.

The first thing the Nikken wraps do is provide compression. They are sleeves that you pull on over your arm or leg that fit snuggly around the joint to provide support. They should snug but not too tight. The heat generated by the ceramic fibers isn’t very noticeable, like a heating pad, but it is there to help relax your muscles.

The wraps are inexpensive, so they are a great way to hold any Nikken magnets, like the Kenko PowerChip, that you want to place near a joint. That way you get the compression, gentle heating, and magnetic energy all at one time.

The KenkoTherm wraps tend to run a little small. The sizing information is above and if you fall in the overlap between two size, I recommend that you go with the larger size. You can order by clicking the picture above of the wrap you want.


I am an independent Nikken distributor, so I may earn a commission if you order through one of the links on this page. Nikken products are only available to the public through an independent distributor.

6 Responses to Kenkotherm Wraps

  1. Lynne Van der Kar says:

    Why do you not have a shoulder wrap? I need one. Can you direct me to someone who does?

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Lynne. All of the Elastomag wraps, including the shoulder wrap, went with their inventor when he passed away several years ago. I don’t know of anyone who has anything like the old Elastomag wraps. I really wish Nikken could come up with something like them again. A lot of people loved them and received a lot of help from them.

  2. Martin Watson says:

    I love my knee wrap. I tore my meniscus last year and attribute the Kenko knee wrap as a significant part of the natural healing process, I did not have surgery, preferring to heal myself. Today a year later, although not 100%, I’m am in a much better place with my knee than before I started wearing the wrap. I have recommended it to family and friends.

  3. diane broad says:

    i need to know if you have eny surport bandages for muscle injury to tops of leg

    • Hi Diane. Thanks for the comment and question. I cannot say that any of Nikken’s products are for “injuries” because that would be a medical claim and I am not a doctor. Nikken may have something to help with muscle “discomfort” though depending on where the discomfort is. You are in the UK, outside of my market area, so I have limited knowledge of the products that are available to you there and the catalog I have access to for the UK is out of date. Again, depending on where the discomfort is, the Kenko Mini, Kenko Flex, or some Kenko PowerPatches may be your best choice.

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