Water Product History

Discontinued PiMag Water Items

PiMag Aqua Pour Water Filters

While the Aqua Pour systems have been discontinued, the replacement filter parts are all still available. The replacement system for the Aqua Pour is the PiMag Waterfall.

PiMag Counter Top Water Filter

The PiMag counter top system was discontinued several years ago and Nikken continued to carry the replacement parts for nine years. They have now been discontinued and are sold out. The PiMag Waterfall is the only counter top water filter that Nikken now carries.

PiMag Deluxe Counter Top and Under Counter Water Filters

The PiMag Deluxe systems have been discontinued but the replacement filter cartridge is still available.

PiMag Optimizers

The PiMag Optimizer II replaced the original PiMag Optimizer and has itself been discontinued for a few years. The replacement ring is still available and will fit either unit. A replacement carafe is still available for the Optimizer II as well.

PiMag Filtered Water Bottle

The current Nikken filtered water bottle is vastly superior to the old one.

PiMag Shower Filters

Nikken has discontinued the older shower filters in favor of the new PiMag MicroJet Shower System. The Ultra Shower Filter replacement filter cartridge is the same one used in the new wall-mounted shower filter.

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