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Magnetic Insoles for Shoes Make for Happy Feet

Magnetic insoles for shoes are probably the most obvious and well known of Nikken’s magnetic products. They were the first item that Nikken released when they were founded back in the mid 1970’s in Japan. The magnetic insoles have been around for a … Continue reading

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Why Does My Body Need Energy?

Why does my body need energy, and where does it come from? Usually something comes up during the week between blog posts that gives me an idea of what to write for my next post, but nothing came up in the … Continue reading

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You Do Have Magnetic Insoles in Your Shoes, Right?

Magnetic insoles are are an insert for your shoe that contains some number of embedded magnets. I have used them myself for just over 10 years and I absolutely love them. You do have magnetic insoles in your shoes, right? I … Continue reading

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Are Magnets Good for Your Health?

I have written the past two weeks about belief, either belief in a product or, the better choice, belief in yourself. Your belief matters, and whatever you believe in the most is what you should use to support your health. Do … Continue reading

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What You Believe Matters

Last week I wrote about how you use health products because you believe that you have to, because you put more belief into things external to you. I said that once you change your beliefs about what you need, when … Continue reading

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What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Insoles?

One of my followers on Twitter recently asked me what are the benefits of magnetic insoles? Instead of limiting my answer to just 140 characters, I decided to answer that question here where I can cover it a little better. … Continue reading

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Why Do People Use Nikken Magnets?

Nikken’s core technology is magnetics. Magnets are what Nikken started with back 37 or so years ago, and they are still what makes Nikken stand out from the crowd of companies selling energy-based wellness products. Why do people use Nikken … Continue reading

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Magsteps Magnetic Insoles and Reflexology

The bumps on the Magsteps magnetic insoles give your feet what could be described as a passive reflexology session. Nikken started making and selling magnetic insoles in 1975 and has been ever since. Unlike other magnetic insoles you may find, … Continue reading

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What Can Magnetic Insoles Do For You?

Yesterday I wrote a post about who can benefit from wearing magnetic insoles in their shoes. Today I will talk about some of the benefits that magnetic insoles can offer. There are a lot of theories about how magnets actually … Continue reading

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Who Will Benefit From Magnetic Insoles?

Who would benefit the most from magnetic insoles? It would be very easy to say “anybody with feet”, and while true, there are some people who would benefit more than others. People who spend all day on their feet are … Continue reading

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