Why Do People Use Nikken Magnets?

Nikken’s core technology is magnetics. Magnets are what Nikken started with back 37 or so years ago, and they are still what makes Nikken stand out from the crowd of companies selling energy-based wellness products.

Why do people use Nikken magnets?

Magnetic Chair PadThe short answer is to feel better. I’ve heard all sorts of claims that I cannot repeat because they constitute a medical claim, which I’m not allowed to do. I think I can get away with saying that magnets can help you heal faster. Doctors have FDA-approved magnetic devices that they can prescribe to help bones heal faster.

According to Robert O. Becker, one theory is that applying a magnet to an injury boosts the signal in the body that calls for resources to be brought to the area of the wound. Just like having enough workers and materials can help get a house built faster, having the body’s resources alerted to an injury can help it heal faster.

I use the magnets because they help me to feel relaxed and energized. Probably the most important for me are the magnetic insoles, the Kenkoseat magnet chair pad, and the magnetic mattress topper. I believe that they have the most effect because they stimulate larger areas of the body than a small patch does.

The Earth generates a magnetic field and we depend on it, with all of the other natural energies like sunlight and others, to function properly. Using magnetic products, like the ones from Nikken, supplement the amount of magnetic energy that we get naturally. We need to supplement that because we spend too much time in our cars, homes, and other buildings that insulate us from the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Wayne Woodworth

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