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Magnets Block Harmful Electromagnetic Fields, Right?

Can a magnetic sleep system (magnetic mattress pad and magnetic blanket), a magnetic sleeping bag or any magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields? I received a comment from a potential customer on one of my pages this morning. She said she … Continue reading

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Can Magnets Help You Sleep?

I get a lot of questions about using magnets to help your body. In this post I want to answer some of the questions that I receive about using magnets to help you sleep. There are several companies that sell … Continue reading

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Nikken Comforter – Cooler Nights Are Coming

The nights are getting cooler so now is a great time to think about getting a Nikken Comforter. The Nikken magnetic blanket makes use of special fibers that absorb ambient energy and then send it back out to help you … Continue reading

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Are the Benefits of Nikken’s Magnets just Placebo?

I sometimes hear from people that magnets don’t work and that any so-called benefits are just the placebo effect. There are a few ways to show that Nikken magnets are not just placebo. Scientific Studies One is a placebo-controlled, double-blind … Continue reading

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