Magnets Block Harmful Electromagnetic Fields, Right?

Can magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields? There is only one way to find out. Let's test it.Can a magnetic sleep system (magnetic mattress pad and magnetic blanket), a magnetic sleeping bag or any magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields?

I received a comment from a potential customer on one of my pages this morning. She said she is sensitive to EMFs or electromagnetic fields and another distributor had told her that she should buy a magnetic sleeping bag to block them while she sleeps. She wanted to know if the magnets in the sleeping bag could really block the EMFs.

I heard the same thing all the time back when I was a new distributor. When your experienced upline tells you these things you accept it as true. They should know, right?

Not so much, as it turns out.

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?

The lady who left the question has at least a basic idea of what an electromagnetic field is. But to make sure that everyone understands, I will explain it very briefly.

An electromagnetic field is any radiation or transmission created by an electric current or magnetic device. You can get a more precise definition on Wikipedia. Some of the electromagnetic radiations are very helpful to us, like visible light. Visible light makes it possible for us to see.

The EMFs that we’re talking about here are radio signals (those used by wireless communication devices including Bluetooth) and those created by the electrical current flowing through power lines and the wiring in your walls at home. Alternating current produces an electromagnetic field that cycles at the same frequency as the AC.

Do Magnets Block Harmful Electromagnetic Fields?

I don’t like to blindly repeat what I have been told. As much as possible I want to know that I’m sharing the truth.

I happen to have an EMF meter, an EMF source in the form of my home’s circuit breaker box, and plenty of Nikken magnets in a variety of forms. I can test this out for myself, so I did.

To start, I held the meter about 4 inches from the breaker box so that I had plenty of room to pass some magnets between them. First I used my magnetic chair pad. The needle didn’t move. Then I tried my magnetic sleep mask. Nothing happened. Finally I used a Kenko PowerChip magnet. Still nothing.

I also tucked my cellphone in my bed (magnetic mattress pad below and magnetic comforter above) and had my daughter send me a text message. The message actually arrived faster than usual, but I don’t think the magnets had anything to do with that.

Do magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields? I think I can safely say NO!!! They don’t. It’s too bad. I really wish they did. I probably just alienated myself from every other Nikken distributor out there.

BTW, I have also heard that aluminum foil can block EMFs too. According to my EMF meter that isn’t true either. Sorry.

What Does the Magnetic Sleep System Do Then?

Let me say this first. I’ve never heard anyone from Nikken say that their products block EMFs or seen it in writing in any of their marketing materials.

What the magnetic sleep system, or the magnetic sleeping bag, does is help you to relax so that you get a good night’s sleep. Good sleep helps you to wake up in the morning refreshed and recharged to better handle the challenges of the new day. Some of those challenges may include EMFs and other forms of environmental pollution.

Is There Anything I Can Do About EMFs?

So the idea that magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields turns out to be wrong. Is there anything that you can do about them?

Of course there is, at least in your house while you’re sleeping. You can get rid of as many of them as you can.

Test your outlets to make sure that they are wired properly. You can get an inexpensive tester from your local home improvement or hardware store. Plug it into each of your outlets and the lights will tell you if it is correctly wired or not.

Don’t put your bed near the circuit breaker box. In our house, the breaker box is in my daughter’s bedroom. We made sure her bed is far enough away from it so that she’s safe.

Wireless Devices

This is the one that’s going to cause you the most pain. All those wireless devices that we can’t live without all put off EMFs. If you really want to get rid of EMFs, get rid of your wireless devices – cellphones, tablets, wireless network routers, cordless phones, etc. Anything that broadcasts a signal.

The worst ones are the ones that put the EMF right in your ear, like those bluetooth headsets or earphones. Airpods? You couldn’t pay me to use them. Not for all of the gold on or in the Earth.

Ok, a little less extreme. Turn everything off at night. You’re wireless network doesn’t have to be on if everyone is asleep. Same thing with your cellphones, tablets and cordless phones. The last person to go to bed turns everything off and the first one up in the morning turns everything back on. Within 5 minutes you should be fully connected to the world again. You might even save a little bit on your electric bill too.

Are You EMF Sensitive?

I really wish I could say that magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields, but it doesn’t appear that they do. At least now you have some ideas on how to minimize your exposure to them though.

What I really want you to understand here is that magnets – magnetic mattress pads, magnetic blankets, magnetic sleeping bags – are not miracle cures for anything. Your body is the only thing that can heal your body. Even medicines don’t heal you. They hopefully remove what is harming your body so that your body can then heal itself.

The magnetic sleep system that I use is only to help me get the best sleep that I can so that my body and mind can function at their best the next day. No magic. No miracles. Just great sleep.

Disclaimer: In case it isn’t clear, I am an independent Nikken distributor. I may earn a commission if you order through the links on this page.

Thanks for Reading

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