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Magnets Block Harmful Electromagnetic Fields, Right?

Can a magnetic sleep system (magnetic mattress pad and magnetic blanket), a magnetic sleeping bag or any magnets block harmful electromagnetic fields? I received a comment from a potential customer on one of my pages this morning. She said she … Continue reading

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Why Use Magnets If Magnetic Fields Are Harmful?

A customer asked me recently a very good question. She had been doing some research and read a lot about how electromagnetic fields (EMF) may be harmful to the human body. If EMF is harmful, then how can magnets be … Continue reading

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Magnetic Fields in the Body and Biaxial Magnets

Magnets affect particle flows that are perpendicular to the magnetic field. By rotating a magnet on an axis, you have the potential to affect a lot more energy flow. Add another axis of rotation and you create a 360 degree magnetic field … Continue reading

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