Are the Benefits of Nikken’s Magnets just Placebo?

I sometimes hear from people that magnets don’t work and that any so-called benefits are just the placebo effect. There are a few ways to show that Nikken magnets are not just placebo.

Scientific Studies

One is a placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Doctors are starting to take an interest in magnets as they look for more effective ways to deal with some conditions. One such doctor is Dr. Weintraub who has conducted studies with magnetic insoles to control peripheral neuropathy in diabetics.

Benefits of Magnets on Animals

Another place to look to rule out the placebo effect is with animals. You cannot convince an animal that a sugar pill will do anything other than taste sweet on their tongue, and that is by direct experience. I know of a few Nikken distributors and customers who are using magnets with horses with excellent results.

Usually I hear about people using the Kenko Minis or magnetic insoles on the hooves or a magnetic blanket over their back. I imagine that they also like the Magboys, the MagCreator, and the PowerMag.

Thermographic Imaging

Finally, there is thermographic imagery. Thermographics has been used to find hot and cold spots in houses to show where there may be problems with insulation, wiring, mold, and so on. It is starting to be used in medical settings to find areas of inflammation for early detection of cancers and other tumors.

To show the real benefits of magnets, a thermographic image can be taken before and after the use of magnets to show what has changed. In most cases, the images will show more even warmth in the body. With diabetics with peripheral neuropathy for example, the before image may show that the feet and toes are cold, indicating poor circulation to the feet. After using magnets on the feet the image will show much more heat in the feet and toes.

I hope you have found this informative and that you see that magnets can help. Please leave me a comment below about any experience you have had with magnets and also share this with your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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