Magnetic Shoulder Support

Magnetic Shoulder SupportDo you know someone who has problems with their shoulder and might be facing surgery? A magnetic shoulder support may help.

I had a customer a few months ago who had a shoulder problem and was considering surgery if it didn’t get better. Someone told them that a magnetic necklace would help, so they ordered one from me. While I do believe that the necklace could help with the problem over time, it would take longer than they were willing to wait before commencing with the surgery option.

A magnetic shoulder wrap is a better choice for shoulder problems like this one, something that will apply magnetic energy directly to the area instead of waiting for the changes to propagate to the shoulder through various pathways.

The best magnetic shoulder supports are the ones that provide a more even magnetic field around the shoulder, not necessarily the ones with the strongest magnets. Contrary to what some people think, stronger isn’t always better when it comes to magnets. We live in the Earth’s magnetic field which is very weak as far as magnetic fields go. S0, a weak magnet can supplement the natural magnetic field to help stimulate the body’s healing process, which is all we are doing when we use magnets.

I like the Nikken shoulder wrap because it creates a uniform magnetic field around the shoulder. The material itself is magnetic, unlike other magnet shoulder wraps which may have 4 to 16 individual magnets glued to the material of the wrap. With the Nikken shoulder wrap, every point on the shoulder is being influenced by a magnetic field. For some added assurance to the effectiveness, Nikken has been studying and manufacturing magnetic products for the body since 1975, so they know about magnets and their effects on the body.

One thing to keep in mind, if you’ve been working on creating your shoulder problem for several years then it isn’t going to go away over night, regardless of what anyone tells you. I recommend using magnets and getting massage and physical therapy to help with shoulder prolbems if you have the time to work with natural solutions. Surgery is an option that can work, but there is a long and painful recovery process afterward to deal with as well.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an independent distributor for Nikken and make money by selling Nikken’s products. With that said, I am a distributor because I like Nikken’s products and use them, not the other way around. I am not a doctor and Nikken’s magnets are not medical devices. Nothing here has been approved by the FDA and you should always check with your doctor for medical advice. Let them know that you want to look at natural alternatives and see if they will work with you.

I hope you found this helpful. I would appreciate it if you would tell me about your experiences with magnetic wraps and share this with your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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