Fall, the Benefits of Open Windows, and the Nikken Air Wellness Power5 Pro

Fall is a great time to be thinking about a Nikken Air Wellness Power5 Pro. The temperatures are cooling off and, I don’t know about you, but I like to open up the windows in my house and let it air out after the long, hot summer. There are many benefits to getting the windows open in your house to let it air out and I will cover some of them here.

The first benefit, and I think the most important, is to let fresh air inside. Even with a Nikken Air Filter running in your home it is still a good idea to get some fresh air into your house from outside. Even though the air is clean, it can still get stale after a while.

Another benefit that I don’t think most people realize is a cost savings. When the nighttime temperatures get more than a few degrees below what you cool your house with air conditioning, you can give your ACs a break by letting the night air cool your house instead. I live in Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta and even though the daytime temperatures are still pushing 90 degrees, our nighttime temperatures are dropping into the low 60s.

Our neighbors keep their windows shut and I can hear their AC units come on during the night. What is happening is that by keeping their windows shut they are keeping the heat inside their house. The AC keeps the temperature down to what they set it but their are still heat sources, mostly the occupants, that heat the house up during the night forcing the AC to come on even though the temperature outside is only 63 degrees or so.

We open our windows at night and allow our house to cool off as the outside air cools off. Our air conditioning stays off all night and by morning the temperature inside has cooled down to the upper 60s. We’ve been able to keep our air conditioning off until noon or so which saves us a lot on our cooling costs.

Of course this means that more dust and pollen can get in to our house through the open windows at night, so we’re glad that we have a Nikken Power5 to help clean our air. Since the material that we are letting in is mostly larger stuff we can still keep our filters clean and operating for a long time by cleaning off the pre-filter screen and vacuuming the unit out monthly, which is always a good idea.

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Wayne Woodworth

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