Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass

Nikken Jade GreenZymesNikken’s Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass supplement is the third of my top three favorite Nikken items. You can read about the other two in my recent posts about the Kenko Power Patch magnets and the Aqua Pour Water Filter.

Nikken has a different approach to nutritional supplements that what you will find at the store. It is about whole-food organic nutrition, not vitamins. You won’t find a Vitamin C supplement or a Vitamin B12 supplement. Instead, the focus on the body’s systems. They have their core nutrition line with the Jade GreenZymes and Ciaga. They have an an immunity supplement, a liver support supplement, and a digestion supplement. Even the calcium supplement isn’t just calcium.

Back to the Jade GreenZymes. It is more of a food than a supplement although you only take it at a teaspoon at a time. Young green barley grass is considered one of Nature’s perfect foods. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

Nikken’s barley grass is organically grown, harvested at its peak, and cold-processed to get as much nutritonal content as they possibly can. When you open your own jar you will see it for yourself. The powder is GREEN.

The bottle recommends 1 teaspoon mixed with cold water 3 times a day. I sometimes add my daily ounce of Ciaga to my morning glass of Jade GreenZymes. The Ciaga covers the taste of the grass if that is a problem for you. It was for me at first but I quickly got used to it. If it is something that you absolutely cannot get used to, then there are capsules as well.

What I like about the Jade GreenZymes is how it makes me feel. I always feel energized after drinking it. It is a great way to start my day and it works very well as a pick-me-up in the afternoon instead of going for something with sugar or caffeine.

It is available in a jar of powder, tubes of powder that are very convenient to take with you, and as capsules if you just can’t get beyond the grassy taste. I think it tastes like the grass that it is. Others have told me that it tastes like green tea or like peas. Try it for yourself and decide for yourself.

If hope you found this interesting. If you have tried Nikken’s Jade GreenZymes then leave me a comment below and tell me what you think it tastes like. Also, please share this with your followers on the social networks. That would be greatly appreciated.

Wayne Woodworth

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  1. winnie says:

    hi ,
    ive been taking Nikken’s Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass supplement ..
    for almost 2 years and i was wondering if kelp is added in it….a quick reply will be appreciated..thankyou

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