Aqua Pour Gravity Water Filter

Nikken Water FilterThe Aqua Pour Gravity Water Filter is another one of my three most favorite Nikken items along with the Kenko Power Patches and the Jade GreenZymes Barley Grass.

The reason that I like the Aqua Pour so much is because it provides excellent water filtration and great tasting water for a reasonable initial cost and low annual maintenance cost. It is also easy to set up and maintain. If you have any questions about how to set one up, I created a couple videos to help you out. They are down a little ways on the right-hand side of this page.

The Aqua Pour is one of the first Nikken products that I purchased in the Spring of 2006 and we still use it every day. We have ours set up on a low table so that our kids can reach it to get water whenever they want it. It is just about all they drink and I credit that Pi water with keeping them healthy even when the other kids at school are getting sick.

The Aqua Pour holds several liters of water and is a pretty simple water filtration system. You pour unfiltered water in the top, the “fill tank”. Gravity pulls the water down through a pre-filter then through the 3-stage filter cartridge and into the “supply tank”. As it sits in the bottom tank it is absorbing minerals from the manufactured mineral rocks. Finally, the water passes through a magnetic field as it passed into the spigot. That’s all there is to it.

As I said at the beginning of this post, maintenance is easy. If you follow the manual, you will replace the 3-stage filter cartridge every 6 months and the mineral rocks once a year. Depending on which pre-filter you use, you either replace it every 2 years or 5 years.

Two different pre-filters come in the box with your Aqua Pour and you choose one of them to use based on your water source. I usually recommend the sponge if you are on chlorinated city water and the ceramic pre-filter if you have a well. The sponge is good for up to 5 years or when it won’t come clean when you rinse it off. When you use the sponge pre-filter it take aobut 45 minutes for the water in the fill tank to completely drain into the supply tank.

The ceramic dome pre-filter is good for two years and takes a little more patience. It takes about 5 hours for the fill tank to drain completely through the ceramic filter. We are on a well, so we started off using the ceramic dome. We would make sure that we filled up the fill tank at night before going to bed so that it would have time to drain through before morning.

I have another post that I wrote a few months back with some great tips about how to get the most from your Aqua Pour. Check it out here, especially if you are having any challenges with your unit. You will probably find the answer there. If not, then contact me and I will help you.

I hope that you found this helpful. If you have any experiences with your Aqua Pour that you would like to share, then please do so in a comment below. Also, please share this out to your followers on the social networks. I would greatly appreciate that.

Wayne Woodworth

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