Magnetic Sleep System – I Use the Products Part 1

Anytime you buy a product from someone you always wonder if they actually use the product themselves. I am an independent Nikken distributor and I do use the products myself. I decided to write this series of posts to talk about the products that I actually use, why I use them, and what benefits I believe I receive from them.

In this first installment I will tell you about my use of the magnetic sleep system.

Nikken Sleep SystemI was introduced to Nikken almost six years ago. It will be six years next month. I read in a book that everyone should be sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad. I had never heard of such a thing and I had no idea that magnets could help the human body. So, I asked another massage therapist friend and energy healer what he knew about magnets. He talked me and my wife into coming to a meeting where they would tell us all about magnets. We went to the meeting.

When we left the meeting they let us borrow a complete magnetic sleep system. That includes a magnetic mattress pad, magnetic comforter and two magnetic pillows. I think we had them for a week.

At that time the topper was the Ultra Kenkopad and it was very firm. I remember the first time I laid on it and it felt like a rock. The next thing I knew was waking up the next morning. I fell asleep almost instantly. Granted, I didn’t have any significant sleep issues before, so I cannot guarantee that you will have the same experience.

Also, to be completely transparent, the Ultra KenkoPad isn’t available anymore. The current topper is the Naturest magnetic mattress topper made from natural latex. It is much softer than our magnetic pad and most of the people I have talked to love it.

When we returned the borrowed sleep system we signed up and ordered our own magnetic sleep system and have been sleeping on it ever since. Both of our kids also have the complete sleep system. They are now 6 and 8 years old and sleep great.

Next time I will talk about some of the other magnetic items from Nikken that we use.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. You can check out the magnetic sleep system for yourself here. If you are thinking about ordering one, you need to check out how to get the sleep system and a bunch of additional items for less than the sleep system by itself. Those details are here.

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2 Responses to Magnetic Sleep System – I Use the Products Part 1

  1. Gary Scott says:

    I bought a Nikken Magnet Mattress pad from a Nikken rep over 30 years ago.
    The fabric is ok, but are the magnets still effective ? It has been stored a few times,
    I misplaced the instructions, but I have been using it with the logo side up
    towards the body. Is this correct ?

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Gary. The magnets should still be good and you have it positioned correctly. The only potential issue you might have is that over time, if it has been moved a lot, the glue holding the magnets in place may have dried up and the magnets get loose. If that happens you will feel them stuck to another magnet or if a lot of them get loose they stick to each other and form a roll by the seam on one of the edges. I got my first topper in April 2006 and just replaced it last December because I like the new topper better. In all that time only 1 magnet worked itself loose.

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