The Truth About Health Products

Do you know the truth about your health products? Do you really need them?What is the truth about health products? Most of them are crutches, and that includes most of the Nikken products that I like too. That is because your state of health comes mostly from your beliefs about your health.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says that one third of all healing is through the placebo effect. That means that at least one third of your healing comes purely from your belief in your healing.

I believe the opposite is true as well, that at least a third of your illness comes purely from your belief in illness. That is the only reason that can explain why some companies bombard you with advertisements for products that you cannot buy without getting permission from someone else first. They bombard you with these messages to create the seed of a belief that you might have the issue they are promoting.

If you want to be healthy, believe that you are and soon you will be. Don’t believe that you can be healthy, or that you will be one day. Believe that you are healthy right now.

That means that you have to stop believing that you’re not healthy, which is getting harder and harder with all of the programming that we receive telling us that we’re sick.

Do We Need Health Products?

For now, yes, we need health products. Because you believe you do.

Most people, me included, don’t really believe that they can be healthy without some kind of product, whether it comes from a pharmacy, a health food store, or a company like Nikken.

I’m not talking about the placebo effect here though I did refer to it before. I’m talking about belief. Your belief that you need something to be healthy.

We believe we have to have something. Smoothies, protein bars, aspirin, run six miles, spend half the day at the gym, and don’t forget your magnetic insoles. It’s a wonder that our species has survived this long because I don’t think any of those things existed 100 years ago. Ok, aspirin did, it was developed in the 1890s, but I don’t think any of the others did.

Choose Your Health Products Wisely

For as long as you need health products, you should put some thought into what you use. They may have a lot of benefits, but you have to consider the cost. Smoothies can be loaded with a lot of great vitamins and minerals that support your health. They can also be loaded with a lot of sugar.

Other products may contain even worse ingredients. I don’t watch TV at home. (There’s a reason why television content and the instructions that you give a computer are both called programming.) I listened to some of the commercials the last time I visited my parents, and that guy (or gal) that talks insanely fast at the end of them has a lot of interesting things to say.

Why Nikken Products?

The reason I use the Nikken products is because I believe they work and I believe that the people behind them are only interested in creating products that work without the bad consequences of other products.

Unlike a lot of other products, most Nikken’s products last for years. They don’t usually need to be replaced very often, and they don’t create a need for another product (other than through a great product experience and wanting to try them).

I don’t trust some of the other product sources. If your product can’t stand on its own without you having to create other industries and government-sponsored groups to promote them and stamp out your competition then I think there is a problem with your product.

How Are Health Products Like a Crutch?

The products you use for your health are crutches to bolster your belief. “As long as I take this product I am healthy.” They give you something outside of yourself to believe in until you can develop a belief in yourself. Most people never develop that belief.

Once you can remove the product from your belief, when you can shorten your belief statement down to just the important part, “I am healthy,” then you can remove the product from your reality as well.

I’m still learning and developing my beliefs too. Right now I believe that I need to drink an ounce of Bergisterol in the evening before bed to keep my heart healthy. I love the stuff and I believe it works. Someday I will get my belief straightened out and no longer need it.

The same thing goes for Jade GreenZymes. Right now I believe in pollen allergies in the Spring and I believe that the barley grass powder takes care of it. My belief in it is very strong. Someday I will fix my pollen allergy belief and not need the barley grass in the Spring. Until that happens, I am very grateful for Jade GreenZymes.

I am working on my beliefs. It takes a lot of work to fix your beliefs because you are constantly surrounded by messages that work to keep your old beliefs in place.

Beliefs are contagious. I think the biggest real cause of death for elderly people are other elderly people. They spend the whole day sharing their medical conditions with each other. I see it every time I shop at Walmart.

Once I have my beliefs worked out properly, I will still use a few of Nikken’s products – the magnetic sleep system (a magnetic mattress pad, pillow and comforter) to keep me energetically grounded at night, the magnetic insoles to do the same during the day, and a very good water filter. I believe (it’s all about what you believe) that those things are still important.

What Do You Believe?

That’s my truth. What is your truth about health products? It’s all about what you believe about your health and what it takes to be healthy. What do you believe? I’d love to read about it and what you think of this post in a comment below. It would also be very cool if you could take a moment to share this with your followers on social media. Thanks.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

These are my opinions and do not constitute medical advice or anything like that. I am an independent Nikken distributor and may earn a commission if you order products through the links on this page.

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4 Responses to The Truth About Health Products

  1. Hi Ben,

    I do believe one has to believe in a product in order to get the maximum benefit from it. I remember I used to take some kind of fizzy vitamin C you put in water. I never believed it would work, and after a while I didn’t feel anything. But then my naturopath gave me C supplements and I swear I felt the effect of being more energetic immediately.

    So, was it the product or my belief? I say a bit of both. I do take supplements when I remember to….someone always has to remind me. But, if I take something that makes a difference that I believe and feel in my body, I don’t forget to take it.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Donna. I’m like you. I often forget to take most of my supplements, except for the one that I believe in the most strongly. Yes, you if you are going to take or use something to improve your health then you should absolutely believe in it. Then it doesn’t matter if it is the product or your belief in the product. All that matters is the benefit. What I was trying to say in my post is that if you can shift your belief from the external (the product) to the internal (you), then the need for the product goes away. We believe too much is things outside of us and not enough in ourselves. I’m going to write more about it in my next post.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I always appreciate it.

  2. Dana says:

    Hey Ben,

    I like Dr. Lipton’s work.
    I also know about the power (and disempowering) aspects of our belief systems.
    Like you, I also don’t watch tv. Disconnected the cable early last year and I don’t miss it at all. But I sure do remember those commercials. The side effects of these medications sound worse than the ailments themselves. Sometimes, those effects make things a lot worse too.

    I do feel we’re a society that depends WAY too much on pharmaceuticals and even supplements. I can’t say that I don’t feel they serve a purpose, but to me, everything in balance.

    I think we care for ourselves everyday with our nutrition, thoughts and overall internal environment. I’ve been sick with an annoying cold for the last week and I’ve been treating it holistically – but the thing is, I enjoyed drinking my homemade smoothies (low in sugar) and herbal teas.

    For me, it’s the act of self-care that does it. How we think about ourselves and treat ourselves (and others) is essential for our well-being.

    So yeah, I think we are way too dependent on products. Sometimes though, the right ones (the clean and healthy ones) bring a sense of happiness to me just because I enjoy them.

    Great info here. Shared.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Dana. I think you understand what I was trying to say. Drink your herbal teas and smoothies because you enjoy them. You get huge benefits because of your enjoyment. If you enjoy running or jogging, then you should do that because it brings you joy. If you don’t (like me) then you should find something else that you do enjoy. I love to walk. I could go into the mountains and walk forever.

      Thanks for the comment Dana. I hope you’re feeling better.

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