What You Believe Matters

What you believe matters.Last week I wrote about how you use health products because you believe that you have to, because you put more belief into things external to you. I said that once you change your beliefs about what you need, when you believe more in your innate ability to be healthy, you can stop needing those things. What you believe matters.

I want to talk some more about that because I wasn’t at all clear about it.

One thing I want to make clear first. As Donna Merrill said in her comment on my previous post, you should believe in the products that you use. What you believe matters. Your belief in the products you use increases their ability to help you. I’m not saying that you should stop believing in them. I am saying that you should believe in yourself more.

What You Believe Matters – Belief in Health Products

I think we can all agree that we want to be healthy, fit and active. To be otherwise really sucks. You don’t want to have to stop to catch your breath halfway to the mailbox every day.

To prevent that, if you’re like most people, you believe you need to take nutritional supplements to stay healthy, you need to go to the gym to work out, and you need to go walking, running or biking to stay fit.

They are Substitutes – Stand-ins for the Real Thing

I’m probably going to offend somebody here, but please just hear me out. I’ll smooth it over at the end of this post.

Let’s start with nutritional supplements. I think you can agree that they are a substitute for real food. You should be able to get all of your nutrition through your diet.

In most cases people don’t because they believe they are too busy to eat healthy or they believe that healthy food is too expensive.

This is where I may offend you. Going to the gym is a substitute for physical activity. Ok, yes, going to the gym is physical activity but it entails energy spent without accomplishing anything.

For example, let’s say you go to the gym and spend some time pedaling on a stationary bike. You go nowhere. Then you go to the stair machine. You go nowhere. Then move to the weight station and do some lifting. When you are done, nothing has moved.

It is a substitute for physical labor, or manual labor, digging a hole, swinging an axe, lifting bags of animal feed or building materials, climbing real stairs or riding a real bike.

Labor doesn’t sound as appealing, and it usually means that you are outside in the hot sun instead of an air-conditioned gym.

Are There Better Choices?

Of course. The better choice is the thing that the substitute is standing in for.

Nutritional supplements substitute for real food, so eat real food instead. As I said above, the biggest argument against eating real food is that it is more expensive and takes time.

That just isn’t true. For example, the Walmart near me has a 1 pound bag of baby cut carrots for $1.68. You get vitamin A, some vitamin C and a good bit of fiber. Ready to eat. You can’t get much more convenient than that.

A lot of supplements are chemical derivatives that were manufactured in a lab.  They didn’t even come from real food. Many of the nutrients that we need require the presence of other nutrients to give any value. For example, calcium is completely useless without vitamin D.

Scientists are discovering more and more about food and how it supports the body. Real food has nutrients that they probably haven’t even identified yet. I believe that in the end they will finally figure out that what we really get from our food is the life energy that it contains.

Actual Physical Work

There is a huge amount of energy expended at gyms, especially the really popular ones, but no actual work is accomplished. Yes, I understand the benefits to the body, but there could be something accomplished on the other side of the equation as well.

I used a stationary bike as an example above. Take a real one outside and maybe you can accomplish some of your errands while you work out, or at least go somewhere. I used to rollerblade to the bank and the grocery store when I was younger, single and lived somewhere that I could do it safely.

There is also a lot of benefit to being outdoors. Your body creates vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. The air is often cleaner outside than it is in a lot of indoor spaces.

What I Really Mean by Belief as an End Goal

Several years ago one of my mentors suggested that I read Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding. I’ve read the first book and it is excellent. I keep wanting to get back to reading the rest of the series but there are so many books that I want to read.

The take-away from the book is that we are capable of far more than we currently believe. I’ve read and heard about people who can get all their sustenance from the air, sunlight and water. The people in Spalding’s book know how to teleport and manifest food out of thin air. If you may already own another book that talks about a person who can manifest food out of this air and instantaneously heal people.

Is That Really Possible?

I think that it is. I’ve read too much to believe otherwise, and what you believe matters, right? The real question is, do I believe it is possible for me right now? I’m not there yet, but that is my goal.

The important thing for now is to do the best you can with where you are and constantly work to put yourself in a better place.

What Can You Do Where You Are?

As I said in the title of this post, what you believe matters. It’s great if you believe you can get all of your nutrition from your regular diet. If you can’t, at least supplement with nutritional supplements made from real food.

If you can’t regularly ground yourself by walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach, then use magnetic insoles in your shoes.

There’s one more thing that Dana Gore brought up in her comment on my previous post. If you enjoy doing something, then you should continue doing it. The joy that you get out of doing things is also very beneficial on an emotional level.


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Can You Help Me Out?

If you read my previous post, do you think I did a better job getting my message across this time? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you believe. Also, let me know if you think something still isn’t quite clear. I really appreciate the feedback.

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