Are Magnets Good for Your Health?

Are magnets good for your health? I believe so. Read to learn more.I have written the past two weeks about belief, either belief in a product or, the better choice, belief in yourself. Your belief matters, and whatever you believe in the most is what you should use to support your health. Do you believe in magnets? Are magnets good for your health?

While I do think that you should believe in your self the most, and that your dependence on products will decrease when you do, I said in those previous posts that I will still use magnets for their energetic benefits. I believe very strongly in using magnets, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Are Magnets Good for Your Health?

First, I have to make it clear that magnets will probably not give you the ability to throw lightning from your hands like in the picture above. With that said, let’s move on.

There are many kinds of magnets, so I can’t just make a blanket statement and say that, yes, magnets are good for your health. That would be irresponsible.

There are a few factors to consider when you ask are magnets good for your health:

  • Static magnets vs electromagnets.
  • Strength of the magnet, usually measured in gauss.
  • Magnetic poles – north, south, and mixed poles.

Static Magnets vs Electromagnets

Static magnets are the ones you may use to hold notes and artwork from your kids on your refrigerator. They are inherently magnetic, do not require electricity, and their magnetic fields do not change (which is why they said to be static). One side of the magnet is the north pole and the other is the south pole. They will not change on their own.

Electromagnets are powered by electricity, usually an alternating current (like the one running through the wiring in your house), so the magnetic field alternates. The north and south poles swap with the alternating current. In the US, the electric current in your house wiring alternates from positive to negative and back to positive 60 times per second, that’s 60 Hz. So an electromagnet powered directly from an outlet in your home will switch from north pole to south, then back to north 60 times every second.

Static magnets are generally safer for the human body, depending on the other factors of course. Most of the health magnets that you can find on the market are static magnets.

The frequency associated with AC and the electromagnets powered by it may be harmful with prolonged exposure. The FDA has approved some pulsed magnetic devices that use AC to help trigger bone healing (as one example). You can only use these devices for a short period of time and only for the prescribed purpose.

Strength of the Magnet

You can find some companies selling products with extremely powerful static magnets, usually claiming that they cure cancer or some other significant illness. I can’t say whether they do or not. You will never find agreement or any concrete proof one way or the other.

The magnets that I am interested in are to support general health, not cure some disease. Therefore, the magnets that I use typically fall between 800 and 1000 gauss. For comparison, the average refrigerator magnet is about 50 gauss.

Configuration of the Magnets Poles

Are magnets good for your health? If you search the internet for information about magnets for health, you are certain to find many discussions, and maybe some arguments, over which pole is better for you – north or south. It’s really a lot of noise because the poles themselves don’t matter. The magnetic field that you are interested in lies between the poles.

Say you have a square pad with some number of magnets embedded in it. If you align all of the magnets so that one pole faces up (let’s say north) and the other faces down (south). The magnetic field goes from one pole to the other, so most of it is flowing through the pad and around the edges. You don’t have very much depth of field above the pad, where you are.

If you have mixed poles instead, half of the magnets with the north pole pointing up and the other have with the south pole pointing up, then you have the magnetic force lines flowing between adjacent magnets, moving more of the field above the pad where it can affect your body.

How Do Magnets Affect Health?

That’s all great, but what effects can you expect from using magnets?

I won’t make any medical claims (the FDA reserves that privilege for members of the AMA) and I can’t tell you that they cure cancer or will regrow a limb.

What I can say is that they help your body to relax and re-energize. That’s the purpose of a magnetic mattress pad, to help you sleep. It never takes me very long to fall asleep, even with the constant itching of poison ivy. (BTW, magnets don’t seem to do a darn thing for poison ivy.)

As I said in the belief posts, I will continue to use magnets for their energetic benefits. I think you can probably agree with me that our planet provides us with a lot of things that we need. It gives us the air that we need to breathe and the nutrition that we need through our food. We are also the perfect distance from the Sun to get to receive the energy that we need from it.

Are magnets good for your health? The Earth provides one more benefit that most people overlook, and that comes from its magnetic field. All life on our planet has developed within this magnetic field. When we moved indoors and started running electric current through our walls, we isolated ourselves from the Earth’s magnetic field.

I think of magnetic bracelets and necklaces, magnetic insoles, and magnetic mattress pads the same way that I think of nutritional supplements. If I don’t get enough vitamin C in my diet, then I need to supplement in some way. Likewise, if I’m not outside most of the day bathing in the Earth’s magnetic field (which I’m not) then I supplement with magnets.

That’s why I will continue to use magnets.

Which Magnets are Best for Health?

Like I said above, I use static magnets that fall between 800 and 1000 gauss. I believe that these magnets are strong enough to affect your body. They aren’t anywhere near strong enough to cause issues though. The magnetic devices I use alternate the poles of the embedded magnets so that the magnetic field is above the pad where it can actually affect my body.

The magnets that I use come from Nikken and are designed specifically to support the body. I use a magnetic necklace and bracelets all the time and magnetic insoles in my shoes. I also use a magnetic chair pad in the car, and I sleep on a magnetic sleep system (mattress pad, comforter and pillow) at night.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I am not a medical doctor and make no claims that magnets will help you with any medical condition. You should always see a qualified medical practitioner. I am an independent Nikken distributor and may earn a commission if you order through the links on this page.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever used magnets to help your body? Are magnets good for your health? If so, please share your experiences below. I would also appreciate it if you would take a moment to share this post with your followers on social media.

Thank you.

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