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Wellness Magnets Just Became Affordable

Have you heard of using magnets for health only to find that the magnets were very expensive? Perhaps you had some body complaint andĀ someone recommended that you useĀ one of the Nikken magnets, or maybe one from another company, only to … Continue reading

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Why Does Nikken Discontinue Products?

Right now Nikken seems to be discontinuing just about everything. Why do they discontinue products? I was just talking to someone who had it in their mind that this is all because Nikken thinks they can somehow make more money … Continue reading

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Nikken Magnet Questions

I have received a few questions about Nikken magnets lately that I want to take a few minutes to answer. How to Use Nikken Magnets The first question is “how to use Nikken magnets?” When I get this question I … Continue reading

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