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They’re Back, Saved By the New Low Prices

In DecemberĀ I wrote a post about some of the recent changes at Nikken – new products, lower prices, and a few discontinued items. I was really surprised when I saw the items that were discontinued last November, especially three of … Continue reading

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Why Does Nikken Discontinue Products?

Right now Nikken seems to be discontinuing just about everything. Why do they discontinue products? I was just talking to someone who had it in their mind that this is all because Nikken thinks they can somehow make more money … Continue reading

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Air Pollution Affects Asthma

It is common sense that asthma and air pollution are related. I don’t know if air pollution causes asthma or not but it is definitely a trigger for an asthma attack. Asthma is chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes in … Continue reading

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