Wellness Magnets Just Became Affordable

Nikken MagnetsHave you heard of using magnets for health only to find that the magnets were very expensive? Perhaps you had some body complaint and someone recommended that you use one of the Nikken magnets, or maybe one from another company, only to find that you couldn’t afford the magnet. That isn’t a problem anymore.

In the past I thought some of Nikken’s magnet prices were fairly reasonable while some were rather expensive. Of course, I thought they were reasonable because I already had experience with magnets and knew what they would do for me. I agree they were too high for someone who had no experience with magnets. You don’t want to spend too much money on something when you don’t know if it will help you or not.

What Do Wellness Magnets Do?

Magnets have been used for centuries to support the body’s natural ability to regulate and take care of itself. They have been shown to help with relaxation and remove tension so that blood moves better and the body can function better. For example, I have had some tension in my back causing some discomfort for the past few days. Sitting on my magnetic chair pad for a few hours each day has greatly helped my situation.

When talking about magnets I am very careful not to make any medical claims because I am not a doctor and the magnets are not medical devices.  I don’t consider the magnets to be any kind of miracle cure anyway. I do not claim that the Nikken magnets are “medical magnets” or “healing magnets” because when in a relaxed state the body does all of that work. These wellness magnets just help get the body into that relaxed state where it can more easily do its job.

Now Is the Time to Try Magnets

This past November, Nikken went through and lowered the prices on most of their products, in some cases they lowered them a lot.

The Kenko PowerChip magnet has 6 deep-penetrating magnetic nodes for plenty of relief.The best magnet for new people to try is the Kenko PowerChip. It’s about the size of a half dollar and very powerful. It works great for small areas of discomfort, like a sore muscle or a trigger point as we call it in massage. Because of the orientation of the magnets in the disk, the PowerChip works equally well whether your discomfort is deep or just under the surface. We keep a roll of first aid tape with the magnets in our medicine cabinet and use a couple pieces of that to tape the PowerChip magnet directly over the area that needs it. I recommend it for people who have never used magnets because of its effectiveness and because of its price. The Kenko PowerChip used to cost $31 which isn’t too bad for an entry level magnet but the new price of $19 is a lot easier for skeptical people to take a chance on. Learn more about the Kenko PowerChip here.

First there was the Magboy, then there was the MagDuo. Why did I decide to order a MagDuo when I have two Magboys?Another popular Nikken magnet is the Kenko MagDuo. It’s predecessor was the Magboy, a Nikken icon. The Magboys were two magnetic balls that could be used individually or as a pair mounted in a small handheld roller case. The Kenko MagDuo is essentially the same, two magnetic balls in a small roller case, and with greatly improved magnetic technology built in. It uses the same magnetic technology that makes it possible for the PowerChip to reach deep areas. A rolling or spinning magnet, like the MagDuo when you are using it in the case, creates a much bigger magnetic field than a stationary magnet. It also makes a great demonstration tool for magnets because it shows how one magnetic field influencing another can cause a physical change. When mounted in the case the balls are not connected in any way, yet when you spin one it causes the other to spin too.

The MagDuo was fairly expensive if you’ve never experienced the benefits of magnets on the body. Before November it sold for $80. Now it’s only $49. That’s a savings of almost 40%. You can see the Kenko MagDuo on my magnetic massage tools page.

Nikken MagFlex back magnet has 28 magnetic nodes to give your back plenty of deep-penetrating magnetic energy.The Kenko MagFlex is another favorite. It is designed to fit comfortably against your low back and contains 28 nodes all containing the same magnetic technology as the PowerChip. This was one of the first items to use the PowerChip’s magnetic technology after the PowerChip itself came out and I started hearing amazing stories almost immediately. There were two issues that people had with the magnet. The first was how to hold it in place. Nikken has a support belt, the KenkoTherm Back Belt that has a built-in pocket to hold the MagFlex. Most people I have talked to use it only when they are sitting down. They put it at the top of the waistband of their pants to hold it up then sit back against it so that their seat holds it in place.

The second issue with the Kenko MagFlex was the price. It used to sell for $101, very expensive if you weren’t already sure that it would help you. Now it’s only $49, just under half of what it used to cost. That makes it a whole lot easier to try, especially if you have already experienced the benefits from the PowerChip. You can read more about the Kenko MagFlex here.

Those are the three magnets that I recommend to new people to see how well they respond because not everyone does. Magnets don’t work as well if you are dehydrated, so to get the best results you should drink enough water during the day. It’s also a good idea to get a good night’s sleep every night. Again, no medical claims here. Just the magnets I like and how I use them.

Have you used magnets before, or thought to use them? Share your story in a comment below. I’d love to read about it.

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