Nikken Magnet Questions

I have received a few questions about Nikken magnets lately that I want to take a few minutes to answer.

How to Use Nikken Magnets

Nikken Kenko PowerChip Magnet

The first question is “how to use Nikken magnets?” When I get this question I assume people are talking about the Nikken magnetic patches, like the Kenko Flex, Kenko PowerPatch, or the Kenko PowerChip.

The Kenko Flex is used with the black side against the body and can be used anywhere that you need it and can get it to stay, usually the lower back.

I find the Kenko PowerPatch to be easier to use because it is smaller and comes already attached to a self-adhesive disk, like a circle Band-Aid. The bumpy side goes against the skin and it works great in most places. The smooth side is probably more comfortable if you are placing it over a bony area, like at the temples, in which case you can just peel the magnet off the adhesive and flip it over. I also think the Kenko PowerPatch is a great value because you get 30 of them in the box.

Note: The Kenko PowerPatch has been replaced with the Kenko PowerMini magnets since this was written.

The Kenko PowerChip is the newest magnetic patch from Nikken. It is for areas where the discomfort lies deeper, like in the hip or knee. I’ve heard of some great results using the Kenko PowerChip on these areas. One side of the magnet has the Nikken logo and the other side has several circles. The side with the circles goes toward the skin.

How Do I Use My Insoles

Another common question I get is “how do I use my insoles?”

Magsteps first. Brand new they are probably too big to go into your shoes, so cut them down to the right size using a regular pair of scissors. There are faint lines at the toe and heel on the smooth side to show where to cut for your shoe size. The Magsteps are designed to go into your shoes with the bumps facing up toward your feet. If you find the bumps uncomfortable then take them out of your shoes, flip them over so that the smooth side is up, then put them back in. I recommend that you try the bumps again after 6 months or so. I don’t notice the bumps anymore even when I go hiking.

Now the Magstrides. The dark side with the Nikken EQL+FIR logo goes up toward your feet. Like the Magsteps, they will probably be too big for your shoes straight out of the box. The bottom side has the lines showing where to cut for your shoe size. Regular scissors will cut them.

Which Side on the Skin for Nikken Magnets

This is a common question that I receive about the Nikken magnets and I have already answered it for some of the magnets. More generally, if their is a bumpy side or a darker side, that is the side that goes toward your body. The bumps will be there to shape the magnetic field or to stimulate the skin and muscle, kind of like a passive massage. The darker side is usually dark because it is coated with Nikken’s material that will help to regulate temperature to either gently heat the muscle or reduce sweating. Those are some good guidelines to help you out if you see a Nikken magnet that you aren’t sure about.

I hope that helped answer any questions you have about the Nikken magnets. If you have a question that I didn’t answer here then please leave me a comment below and I will get you an answer. I would also appreciate it if you would share this with your followers on Twitter and Facebook. There are some convenient buttons at the beginning of this post for you to do that.

Wayne Woodworth

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6 Responses to Nikken Magnet Questions

  1. Jill McQueston says:

    I have old Nikkon Magnets that I have not used in awhile.
    There is a plain “cloth” side and a shiny gold side.
    Which side goes next to the skin?

  2. Diane says:

    I applied the mini patch to my knee and while walking in the house it had fallen off. How can I make sure it stays on? Thanks

  3. Diane says:

    I have two knees that are bone on bone.I have no cartilage and in need of surgery. The pain is getting worse. Can these patches, I have the mini ones, alleviate the pain or is it hopeless in this case? Does it affect medication you are taking?

    • If you already have the patches then go ahead and use them. They aren’t going to hurt anything. I can’t tell you that they will help the pain because that would be a medical claim which is illegal for me to do and for anyone to say about the products because they aren’t medical devices. If you use them and you like what happens, then that’s all that matters.

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