Nikken Biaxial Magnets and Electromagnetic Fields

I love Nikken’s biaxial magnets, the spinning magnetic ball in Nikken’s Biaxial PowerMag, but I wondered about any potentially harmful electromagnetic fields because they are powered by electricity. It turns out that it isn’t a problem.

What are Biaxial Magnets?

Biaxial PowerMag Magnet

Nikken’s Biaxial magnets contain magnets that spin on two axes to create a three-dimensional magnetic field. Let’s start with a regular static magnet, like a Kenko PowerChip or a PowerMini. The magnetic field flows out of one pole and wraps around to the opposite pole. They have to be pretty close to the skin in order for you to get much benefit and they only affect energy that moves perpendicular to the field, meaning that these effect energy moving along just under the skin.

Now put that static magnet on an axis so that it can spin. Now you have a MagDuo or a Mag Creator. Spinning these devices creates a bigger magnetic field. To be honest, I don’t know why it gets bigger, but it is easy to prove that it does with a simple magnetic field sensor. By spinning the Magboy you can affect energy deeper in the body without having to be in direct contact with it.

The next step is to add a second axis to create a spherical magnetic field. That is what the biaxial magnets do. So that you can understand what I mean by a spherical magnetic field, let’s say that we put a small LED light on the magnet. If you spin it on one axis, the light moves around in a circle. When you add a second axis, the LED will move in all directions and become a ball of light. Can you see that?

The Benefits of Biaxial Magnets

There are two big benefits to the magnets spinning on two axes. One is that the magnetic field is much bigger than the field from a magnet spinning on one axis. Again, this is easily proven with a magnetic field detector.

The other is that with the magnet spinning in essentially every direction, all energy flows within the expanded reach of the magnet are perpendicular to the magnetic field at some point, so they are all affected by this magnetic field. For example, if you put the Biaxial PowerMag on the floor between your feet and turn it on, the magnetic field can be detected up to your knees.

Even more interesting, the magnetic field will pass through your body. If you hold the Biaxial PowerMag behind someone, you can detect the magnetic field with the sensor in front of them. This means that the magnetic field generated by the Biaxial PowerMag can affect everything inside the body.

To talk about the specific benefits of using magnets gets dangerously close to making medical claims. What I can tell you is that people can feel the effects of the Biaxial PowerMag held near the neck without making skin contact, so something is happening.

My grandmother likes to go dancing on the weekend and uses the Biaxial Body Energizer, an older device that had 6 biaxial magnets in it, after she gets home because it makes her feet feel better. There are more impressive stories of people using the biaxial magnets as well. I just want to give  you an idea of what most people experience their first time using these devices.

Like I said at the start of this post, because these are electrically-powered devices, I wondered about any potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. It turns out that the potential harm comes from noise created from alternating current (AC), the current that is supplied to our homes. The harmful electrical noise is not present with direct current (DC).

When using the plug-in adapter, the current is converted from AC to DC at the wall so that only DC current is present inside the PowerMag. It is even better if you use batteries, because they generate DC current and you don’t have to be anywhere near an electrical outlet. So, harmful EMF isn’t a concern when using the biaxial magnetic devices.

The biaxial magnets are a great example of what Nikken has done with their 35 years of experience developing magnetic products to support the body. If you would like more information or you have had an experience using these devices then please share it below in a comment. I would also appreciate it if you would share this post with your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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2 Responses to Nikken Biaxial Magnets and Electromagnetic Fields

  1. John Dy says:

    Where can I buy the biaxial magnetic powermag

    • Wayne says:

      They haven’t been available from Nikken in a very long time. The only possibility would be from somewhere like Ebay but I would be very careful and make sure you have a guarantee from the seller.

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