Do Nikken Products Really Work?

Here’s a good question that someone asked recently: “Do Nikken products really work?”.

Yes, of course they do. There is one thing to keep in mind though about the Nikken products. They don’t work unless you actually use them. I have actually had customers return product without even opening the package.

Will Nikken Products Work for You?

So how do you know if Nikken’s products are going to work for you or not? There are a few items that have some samples available, like the Jade GreenZymes and CM Cream. Other items are inexpensive enough to try in small quantities, like the Kenko Power Patches. Samples are a great way to try out the products to prove how well they will work for you.

A lot of Nikken’s items are expensive and don’t have samples available, like the bigger magnetic items. If people are concerned about an expensive magnet working for them, I usually recommend that they try a less expensive one first, like the Kenko Power Patches¬†or a PowerChip. It is a great way to prove to yourself that Nikken’s magnets are effective. Then they can feel more assured that the more expensive ones will work for them too. A lot of times they find out that the less expensive ones will meet their needs and they don’t need anything more.

Contact me to see if there is a sample available for what you want to try.

Wayne Woodworth

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