What Is Kenzen CiagaV Juice

Kenzen CiagaVMy favorite nutritional drink is Nikken CiagaV Juice.

CiagaV is a blend of 6 juices and extracts including maqui berry, acai berry and elderberry among others. If you want to see the whole list then check out the supplement facts here. Two important things about CiagaV that make it stand out from the crowd of nutritional drinks is that CiagaV does not include any preservatives or added water.

No Preservatives or Added Water

Preservatives in other nutritional drinks tend to react with the natural ingredients to make potentially toxic chemicals. People have asked me about CiagaV vs Vemma and Mona Vie vs CiagaV. While both of these products contain great nutritional content, they both contain additional water and preservatives. At least they did when I last saw the nutritional labels. I wasn’t able to find them online for this post. I would appreciate it if someone could forward me links to their labels.

How to Take CiagaV

The bottle suggests just one ounce per day. That’s it. Drink up. What I like to do is take my one ounce of CiagaV, a teaspoon of Jade GreenZymes barley grass, and add water. As you can imagine, that many juices and extracts in one bottle with out water to dilute it could be pretty potent. I mix in the barley grass powder because the sweetness covers the grass taste. It also makes for a great drink to wash down any other nutritional supplements that I want to take.

Where to Buy CiagaV

All that’s left is where to buy it, and you can do that right here.

If you have any experience with CiagaV that you would like to share then please leave me a comment below. I would also appreciate it if you would share this with your followers on the social networks.

Wayne Woodworth

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