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Are Magnetic Mattress Pads Safe?

Have you heard that you will sleep better on a magnetic mattress pad? Do¬†you have some concerns, though? They’re expensive so you want to be sure that you are making a wise investment in something that will actually help you, … Continue reading

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Are Nikken Magnetic Mattress Pads Safe for Small Kids?

I was looking through the search phrases that people have used in the past month to get to my website and found this one: “are nikken magnetic mattress safe for toddlers”. I think that is a really good question because … Continue reading

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Nikken Return Policy and Making Medical Claims

People often ask me if they can return a Nikken product if it “doesn’t work” after a period of time. Nikken’s return policy only covers the manufacture of the product, not its effectiveness for a particular condition, and there is … Continue reading

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Benefits of Sleeping On Natural Latex

If you follow Nikken then you know that the new magnetic mattress pads and pillows are made from natural latex. This change has had some people asking why the switch. First off, some people are allergic to latex. It turns … Continue reading

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