Benefits of Sleeping On Natural Latex

If you follow Nikken then you know that the new magnetic mattress pads and pillows are made from natural latex. This change has had some people asking why the switch.

First off, some people are allergic to latex. It turns out that most of the people who think they have a latex allergy actually have a reaction to the powder or coating used in latex gloves, not the latex itself. Other people who have a reaction to latex actually react to something in synthetic latex and may not have any problems whatsoever with natural latex. In the case of the new magnetic mattress pads and pillows, people shouldn’t have any allergy problems anyway because they never come into physical contact with the latex.

There are a number of reasons why Nikken chose to go with natural latex now instead of the artificial foams used in the past. Most importantly, natural latex retains its firmness better than any of the other foams that they looked at, giving the mattress topper a longer life. Natural latex is naturally anti-microbial, which means that it resists mildew, dust mites, and any of the other little bugs that might otherwise try to live in there. It also naturally wicks away moisture and allows your body to maintain temperature better, so that you can stay in that deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

The final reason for going with natural latex addresses a broader goal with Nikken, and a lot of other companies too for that matter, and that is to be more Earth friendly or “greener”. Natural latex is a renewable resource. It is harvested as sap from rubber trees and doesn’t require the destruction of the trees or other natural resources. It also doesn’t contain or emit any of the other harmful chemicals that are present in the synthetic latex manufactured from petroleum. Yes, that’s right, synthetic latex is made from oil just like plastic and a lot of other things. So, natural latex is much better for the environment, including the environment in your home, and is downright comfortable to sleep on.

If you are interested, check out Nikken’s new natural latex magnetic mattress toppers and magnetic pillows then let me know what you think.

Wayne Woodworth

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