Home Remedies for Sunburn

Need some home remedies for sunburn?

Now that it is summer, the temperatures are rising and people are spending time outside at the pool or the beach again. Sunburns are back too and you want some relief.

Aloe has always been a popular choice for treating sunburns, but what if you don’t have any on hand? If you happen to have one of Nikken’s water filters then you are in luck.

With a sunburn, what you want to do is get the affected area hydrated again. That’s what aloe does. Alkaline water that has been softened to improve absorption will work just as well. It is cool, soaks in to the cells to rehydrate, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy afterward.

What I do is take a paper towel and fold it up into a pad so that it will hold plenty of water. Then I soak it in the water from my water filter so that it is dripping wet. Finally, I apply it over the affected area and enjoy the coolness while the water soaks into the skin.

While we are talking about burns, if you happen to burn yourself on the stove or the grill, it works great for soothing that too.

It also helps with fire ant bites and hornet stings. What I have seen with my kids is, if they get the water onto an ant bite right away it will go away almost completely. No blister or anything.


This does not replace medical attention. If it is a serious burn or then by all means, get proper medical help as soon as possible. Same thing goes if you get stung and are allergic. Get proper medical attention as quick as you can.

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Wayne Woodworth

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